How to Properly Store Your Fragrances to Ensure They Last Longer

If not stored well, your favorite fragrance can become faint and unrecognizable over time. Proper storage is the solution to making your perfumes last longer and ensuring they smell as divine as they were when you purchased them.

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Imagine you reach your favorite green apple perfume, which you purchased last summer, only to find that the scent has turned faint and sour. We all get disappointed when such things happen to us. However, you can avoid such undesirable episodes by storing your fragrances properly. Like any other treasured possession, your fragrances also need a little care. Here’s a guide to help you store them well to retain their original vibrancy and character for a long time.

Keep Your Fragrances Away From These 3 Enemies

Fragrances are surprisingly delicate and susceptible to three main elements — light, heat, and air. Let’s discuss how each of these elements can diminish your scents:


Ultraviolet rays, both natural and artificial, can break down the delicate molecules in your fragrance and alter its scent and potency. So, keep your perfume bottles away from sunny windows and harsh lighting.


Alcohol, as you know, is the leading carrier of fragrance oils. High temperatures can cause alcohol to evaporate. This weakens the scent and alters its composition. So always storing your perfumes and fragrances away from heat sources like radiators, vents, or even your vanity light.


Oxygen exposure can cause the fragrance to dilute and become oxidized. While a spritz or two won’t hurt, avoid leaving the sprayer open for extended periods, and always make sure the cover is closed securely.

Create the Perfect Storage for Your Fragrances

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s explore some simple yet practical storage tips:

Store Perfumes in the Dark

Your fragrances love cool, dark storage spaces like closets, drawers, or cabinets. If your perfume bottles are particularly beautiful, you can also display them in a decorative box that you can keep tucked away from light when not in use.

Use Their Original Boxes

Many fragrances come in their own boxes. Don’t throw them away. Keep your fragrances in their original boxes whenever possible. These boxes are designed to shield the fragrance from light and dust.

Keep Them in Their Original Bottle

It’s tempting to store your fragrances in pretty containers, but resist the urge! Transferring exposes the fragrance to unnecessary air and can cause its decline. Stick to the original bottles for optimal preservation.

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Treat Your Scents with Care

Small habits can have a significant impact on your perfume’s lifespan. Avoid vigorously shaking the bottle, as this can introduce air and accelerate the degradation process. Additionally, resist the urge to store your perfumes for years on end. While some high-quality fragrances can last several years, it’s generally best to use them within a few of years of purchase for the best experience.

Summing up

In conclusion, the longevity and vibrancy of your fragrances hinge on proper storage practices. By shielding them from light, heat, and air, and adopting simple habits such as storing in the dark, using original boxes, and resisting unnecessary transfers, you can ensure your favorite scents maintain their original character. So, treat your fragrances with care, store them properly, and they will continue to delight your senses.

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