6 Ways to Use Peaches in the Summer

Peaches are a delicious fruit that can be used in a variety of ways—in desserts, salads and side dishes too.

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The peak of peach season is a fleeting moment that must be taken advantage of while it lasts. Peach passion fruit wine is a great way to enjoy the flavors of this fruit. For those lucky enough to live in regions where peaches thrive, the summer months are filled with roadside stands, farmers’ markets, and local farms overflowing with yellow-fleshed fruit.

Peach season is a fleeting moment that must be taken advantage of while it lasts. But what do you do once you have your six peaches from the farmer’s market? You get creative! Here are some ways to use peaches in the summer.

6 ways to use peaches in the summer

1. Peppers and Peaches Pizza

This recipe for peppers and peaches pizza is a delicious twist on the classic. Pepperoni and mozzarella are joined by sweet, juicy peaches for a pie that is sure to please everyone at the table. It’s easy to enjoy pizza any night of the week as a quick meal, and it can be tailored to suit a variety of tastes.

2. Peach and Lemongrass Shrub

If you’re a fan of fresh-pressed juices, you’ll love this recipe for peach and lemongrass shrub. It’s sweet, spicy, and tropical. This drink is a great way to cool down on a hot summer day. The sweetness of the fruit pairs perfectly with the acidity of the vinegar. It’s light and refreshing, perfect for any occasion.

Many people enjoy drinking shrubs over ice, but they can also be used as a cocktail mixer or in a salad dressing. According to recent research, shrubs were once very popular in America, but they have since become a forgotten ingredient.

3. Orange Vegetable Tagine with Peaches

Tagine is a traditional Moroccan stew. It’s usually made with meat such as lamb or chicken, but this recipe uses sweet and juicy peaches instead. The peach is also used interestingly in the sauce, which is flavored with cumin and saffron. The bright orange color of this dish makes it a beautiful addition to any table. Tagines are slow-cooked savory stews that are usually served over couscous.

4. Peach and Basil Jam

Fresh peach jam is a great way to preserve the flavors of summer for the rest of the year. This recipe uses fresh ingredients, making it extremely easy to make at home. It is best served on crostini with a bit of brie.

This recipe can be adapted using different types of fruit, depending on what is in season and available locally. For example, the strawberry jam would be delicious during the spring and summer months. Usually, the fruit is cooked with sugar, so it is best not to use too many sweet fruits.

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5. Perfect Peach Galette

A galette is a free-form tart that is rustic and simple. It is usually made with sweet dough and filled with fruit such as apples or peaches. This recipe uses fresh peaches, which are thinly sliced and arranged in overlapping circles on top of the dough. The fruit is then topped with an almond frangipane, which adds a bit of sweetness to the tart. Once baked, a galette resembles a beautiful flower with petals of peach slices that are folded into each other.

6. Peach Melba

This recipe is an updated version of the classic Peach Melba dessert. The original is made with vanilla ice cream, poached peaches, raspberry sauce, and whipped cream. This recipe combines the same flavors but uses fresh raspberries, which are cooked and pureed with sugar to make a sauce.

The sauce is poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with peach slices. As a nod to the original, this recipe uses raspberry sherbet in place of the ice cream. The combination of fresh raspberries and peach slices is heavenly.

Peaches are a delicious fruit that can be used in a variety of ways. Their sweet, juicy flesh can be enjoyed on its own or incorporated into a variety of desserts. The most popular peach desserts are those that combine fresh peaches with other flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate. However, this fruit is also great in savory dishes, such as salads and side dishes.

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