7 non-alcoholic cocktails you can celebrate with

For those who are looking for the perfect mocktail to order or prepare, here are the seven best non-alcoholic cocktails

Non-alcoholic cocktails
Non-alcoholic cocktails | Photo by kofookoo.de from Unsplash

Nowadays, when the sober-curious movement is on the rise, and according to research, there has been a 315% increase in the online purchasing of low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages sales over the past 365 days, you might wonder—why are more and more adults cutting back or going completely sober in terms of their alcohol intake?

According to experts, there are numerous reasons why adults are saying no to alcohol in recent times. To begin with, there are some obvious health benefits like better digestion, better sleep, more energy, and weight loss. Moreover, many people are sick and tired of being hungover all the time, and millennials and Gen Z have accepted more health-conscious lifestyles.

So, if you feel like you’re ready to hop on the bandwagon of this trend and give alcohol the boot this year, you’ll be amazed to know how many non-alcoholic options are there for you. So, regardless of whether you’re going out to a party and don’t want to count how many drinks you’re having or planning to invite your friends for a home party, but you don’t want to feel dizzy and hungover in the morning, you can always turn to non-alcoholic cocktails, or mocktails, to get the job done and freshen you up.

If you don’t know what mocktail to order or what to prepare for your booze-free guests, here are the seven best non-alcoholic cocktails you can undoubtedly celebrate with and have a good time.

7 non-alcoholic cocktails you can celebrate with

Old Fashioned Red Mocktail

As you can guess, the “Old Fashioned” red mocktail is entirely inspired by the classic Old Fashioned. This tasty non-alcoholic cocktail is made by mixing some alcohol-free wine and traditional Old Fashioned ingredients like an orange peel, zest, and cocktail Luxardo cherries. The Old Fashioned red mocktail is best served in an original old-fashioned glass, in which you should combine all ingredients over a large square ice cube.

Lemon Levander Mocktini

The lemon lavender mocktini is made by mixing one-quarter cup of lemon juice, one-quarter teaspoon of grenadine, and one and a half tablespoons of lavender syrup. Put all three ingredients in a cocktail shaker, mix them up together, drip in a bit of food dye if you don’t want the final drink to be red, and top it off with a classy-looking lavender leaf.

Margarita Mocktail
Margarita Mocktail | Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

Margarita Mocktail

The Margarita mocktail is one of the most popular alcohol-free drinks, as it’s refreshing, with a bitter flavor, and has that classic salt rim. All you need to prepare this mocktail is one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, ¼ teaspoon simple syrup (we recommend using maple syrup), two tablespoons of fresh lime juice, and  ⅛ teaspoon pickle juice. Stir all ingredients together, add some tonic water, garnish with lime, and your margarita mocktail is ready.

Cucumber Ginger Mocktail

The cucumber ginger mocktail is so dainty and delicious that it will make you want to stroll around with one in your hand all night long. On top of that, ginger and cucumber are fantastic flavors to combine, as they create a fusion of a cool, smooth base, combined with the almost-sweet spiciness of ginger. In addition, this cocktail is one of the easiest to prepare as you’ll only need ginger, cucumber, water, and sugar.

Winter Sangria

As we’re huge fans of sangria, we’re ready to actively fight anyone who implies that sangria is more of a summer drink than a winter one. Well, all you need to do in order to prepare a winter sangria is to throw some dark-colored fruits in there, and ta-da—it looks as wintery as it gets.

The non-alcoholic sangria recipe requires a lot of sliced fruits, a few black tea bags, sugar, two to three cinnamon sticks, and pomegranate juice.

Spirit-Free Bellini

The spirit-free bellini is a non-alcoholic brunch cocktail perfect for special occasions and pretty easy to mix. To prepare a spirit-free bellini in your kitchen, you’ll need approximately two ounces of peach nectar, sparkling apple cider to top off, and peach slices for garnish. First, add the peach nectar in a champagne flute or cocktail glass. Afterward, top off the mixture with some sparkling apple cider, and garnish it with peach slices to make it look better. Easy as one-two-three.

Alcohol-Free Passion Fruit Martini

Last but not least, there’s absolutely no reason for you to miss out on one of the most popular cocktails in the world—passion fruit martini. To prepare its non-alcoholic version, combine lemon juice with fresh passion fruit with an alcohol-free spirit to give it extra flavor and add to the complexity.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying these fabulous alcohol-free cocktails is always fun to do, as you can enjoy them with pride, knowing you’ll be having fun in the evening and able to wake up the next day without feeling the aftermath of alcohol. Put your own spin on the mocktails mentioned above, get creative, and don’t be afraid to mix them up with additional flavors and aromas. Cheers!

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