6 time management tips to keep in mind as a parent

If you find yourself hard-pressed for time management, here are six important tips and tricks to keep in mind as a parent

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Being a parent is no easy task, and no matter how much you plan ahead, you never seem to have enough time to work and take care of your kids. Learning how to manage your time properly might just be what you need to balance things throughout your everyday schedule.

If you find yourself hard-pressed for time management, here are six important tips and tricks to keep in mind as a parent.

6 time management tips to keep in mind as a parent

1. Set a time limit

The first thing you should prioritise is setting a time limit for every task you schedule for the day, whether it’s for tending to your child, cooking, or housework. Setting time limits helps you do tasks in time as the completion of the previous task can’t interfere with the next one. Once punctuality becomes the foundation of your routine, everything will become more manageable.

At first, you’ll find that you might not finish a lot of tasks within the allotted time due to distractions caused by other family members. But once you develop the habit of being punctual, this will no longer be an issue.

2. Carpool

If you and your spouse are both working parents, a great way to save time during the early morning hours is by letting your kids carpool with friends or other family members. But make sure you know and trust the person with whom you’re letting your children carpool with. You should pitch in for the fuel costs if your kids are carpooling with someone as a general courtesy.

Finding someone trustworthy enough to carpool with can be tough if you’ve moved to a new neighborhood or city. If that’s the case, go to your kid’s school during events and socialize with the parents of the other children in the class to find someone who can accommodate carpooling for your kids.

3. Prioritise family appointments

While this might sound redundant, many people tend to prioritise their friends and colleagues over families since they spend more time with the latter two social circles more. But if you want to instill good values in your children, then prioritising family appointments is something you should focus on if you aren’t already.

Let your children know that family time is just as important as your work time by being there for them when they need you to be. Not only does this make your time management easier, but it also increases your bonding with your children.

4. Always have extra time

As you plan and schedule your upcoming day or the entire week, make sure to keep provision for extra time after each task. An effective way to do so is to use this time for breaks. If you manage to finish a task in time, have a cup of coffee or enjoy a song on your phone before starting the next task. It will also set a good example for your children to follow.

If you have more than one kid, then you’ll find that this habit will be a lifesaver on more than one occasion as it leaves time to adapt to sudden changes in situations or schedules.

5. Be prepared before arrival

Despite a lot of memes existing on social media about preppers, being prepared before arrival is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Travelling can be a chaotic affair with kids in tow, so being prepared can alleviate some of the headaches that are undoubtedly to follow once the journey starts.

If your kids have eyesight problems, investing in a pair of sturdy kids prescription sunglasses can be a great idea, especially if they’re young.

6. Stay healthy

Last but not least, don’t forget to take care of your health by eating properly and getting enough sleep after a hectic day. If you’re not getting enough of both, you’ll find yourself miserable, out of energy, and cranky on a daily basis. Make sure not to miss any meals and cut down on bad habits like caffeine to make the best of your day.

Many kids tend not to eat properly because they don’t have anyone to set a proper example for them. Even if you’re a working parent, try to have breakfast and dinner with your kids to set a good example.

Stay one step ahead

Managing work, household chores, and your kids might seem very chaotic, especially if it’s your first child. But by incorporating the time management tips and tricks mentioned above, you can make things much easier for yourself. With that said, good luck with your parenting endeavors!

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