4 Benefits of EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy can actually help you deal with PTSD and the effects of a traumatic experience


For people experiencing psychological trauma, an effective therapy treatment is EMDR. It is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) for patients who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). EMDR therapy is a generally safe and successful therapy.

The focus of this eight-stage approach is to get an idea of a patient’s past, present, and future, as well as the bad events that have colored them. EMDR has been used to treat people with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Is EMDR Therapy Effective?

You might be suspicious of the idea that moving your eyes while recalling a horrific event can help you forget about it. According to research, people believe it’s because recalling painful situations is less emotionally uncomfortable when you aren’t paying full attention to them. EMDR’s bilateral stimulation (BLS) provides you something to focus on as you access painful memories and unwanted thoughts.

This therapy reduces the intensity of your recollection, allowing you to analyze it without being overwhelmed by your emotions. Here are four benefits of how EMDR therapy might help you.

Change your mindset

Many people have self-limiting views based on adverse events from our past. Maybe a childhood trauma has made you feel like your existence is an annoyance to those around you. As a result, you attempt to take less space on public transport and don’t express your ideas until asked.

Beliefs that you need to be perfect or that you’re not worthy of love can be followed back to childhood trauma or a traumatic breakup. EMDR therapy helps to de-emphasize negative beliefs by demonstrating that they are just one interpretation of an incident and that there are other, more positive, and valid interpretations possible.

Recover from a traumatic event

EMDR is incredibly successful at treating all types of trauma, which is why psychologists prescribe therapy to PTSD patients. The two sides of the brain are used in Bi-Lateral Stimulation to reprocess painful memories. Anxiety, depression, nightmares, loss, bullying, divorce, abuse, and various other traumas in life have all been demonstrated to benefit from EMDR.


EMDR treatment differs from talk therapy which addresses difficulties that patients have struggled to talk about in the past. It’s possible that a problem that’s been bothering you for years can be addressed in a few sessions. In EMDR, you also don’t have to reveal all details of your recollections, which is beneficial if you’re not comfortable talking.

Deal with minor stressors before they develop

If daily pressures are not addressed, they might lead to complete burnout over time. However, you don’t have to wait until you’re entirely overwhelmed to take action. Having an EMDR treatment session every now and then can assist you to relieve yourself of all the tensions you’ve been carrying.


EMDR therapy is beneficial to everyone, not just those suffering consciously. Positive beliefs can enhance your relationships, creativity, work performance, health, and other aspects of your life. You can unlock your potential by quieting the negative voices inside your head. While EMDR is an emotional procedure, you are never alone. If you’re experiencing any emotional problem, there’s help available.

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