3 Inventors You Should Know About

Check out this list of three inventors working today and read about the incredible creations and developments they have spearheaded

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Human beings have a seemingly unlimited capacity for creative thought and technical know-how. We’re constantly learning new things and building upon existing knowledge to make our lives easier and more convenient.

Inventors come up with ideas for new products and technology that we use every day. This is particularly important in the medical industry, with inventors creating key tools and techniques that keep people safe and healthy. Let’s take a look at three important inventions that you need to know about.

Angela Spang

The first entry on our list of inventors you need to know about is Angela Sprang. An award-winning inventor in the medical field, Spang is passionate about using her creative and entrepreneurial skills to design new medical instruments that can improve patient outcomes.

Spang, who is the owner of June Medical, is perhaps best known for leading the development and design of a new self-retaining surgical retractor. This lightweight retractor comes fitted with a light and is made of medical-grade plastic. It can be discarded after a single use to prevent cross-contamination. With this retractor, surgeons can work more efficiently and can reduce the number of staff in the operating theater. Click here to learn more about surgical retractors.

Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen is most well known for inventing the Segway, a scooter-like transportation device that became a cult hit among consumers.

However, Kamen has also been an incredibly influential figure in the medical field and has been the brains behind a string of inventions and developments that have revolutionized the industry. His work has proved particularly important in the research and treatment of cancer and diabetes. Kamen invented a dialysis machine that can be used at home by people suffering from diabetes, making managing the condition much more convenient. He has also developed advanced prosthetic limbs and a portable medicine infusion system.

Kamen currently holds over 1,000 patents. This clearly demonstrates just how prolific an inventor he is, and we can certainly expect to see him launch more products in the future.

Jacquelin Quinn

While the above two entries are inventors in the healthcare field, for the final name on this list, we’re going to go in a slightly different direction.

We are currently facing a climate emergency if we are to believe mainstream media; taking care of our planet and environment has never been so important. As such, inventors who can help reduce waste and pollution are now key to ensuring the future of our planet and our species.

Jacquelin Quinn is an environmental engineer at the space agency NASA, where she has spearheaded the design and implementation of tools that can help reduce pollution. Her most important invention so far has been a substance that can be used to reduce water contaminants that are left as a by-product of cleaning rocket engines.

While space travel and exploration are important, they have also been criticized for the negative impact they have on the environment. Quinn’s work is helping make the space industry more environmentally friendly, which will prove vital as we head into the future.

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Angela Spang, Dean Kamen and Jacquelin Quinn are some of the most exciting inventors working today. They have been instrumental in their respective fields and will certainly continue developing exciting new products and technologies.

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