Skin Sense by Dr Kiran Sethi: Book review

Skin Sense by Dr Kiran Sethi

Skin Sense
Dr Kiran’s Guide To Being Beautiful

Published by: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9789354893759
Pages: 240
Price: INR 299

Dr Kiran Sethi is a New York-trained aesthetic dermatologist, practising in New Delhi and this is her maiden book. Her approach to skin care is holistic and she is also a wellness expert.

The book begins with a reminder of how it’s so important that you don’t seek external validation. And that you are worthy, no matter how you look. It’s refreshing to have this coming from a skin expert, who specialises in offering anti-ageing and beauty enhancing treatments.

What makes this book different:

1] Dr Kiran recommends Skinimalism. Skinimalism is where you reduce the number of steps involved in your skin care routine and that’s perfect for most of us who don’t want to spend hours obsessing about it. Also, if there are too many products to use, there’s a high chance that you will get overwhelmed and not do any of it.

2] Skin care advice has been decoded based on the decade of life you are in…so there’s skin care for your 20s, 30s, 40, and 50s and beyond.

3] ‘In your city’ sections. Since Dr Kiran practices in Delhi, and you can consult her online but for procedures, you may have to seek out someone in your own city. ‘In your city’ section serves as a guide when seeking out an expert in your city, for a certain procedure .

4] An in-depth section on PCOS. PCOS creates so much havoc with the skin and hair, and hence it certainly warrants a chapter in a book on skin care. Here the author sheds light on a holistic approach to dealing with PCOS, without going on contraceptive pills.

5] A concept called ‘youngering’. Youngering involves aiming to reverse or slow down the process of extrinsic ageing…i.e. ageing caused due to external factors like faulty nutrition, pollution, sunlight, stress etc.

The book also covers latest fads that you should be staying away from as well as procedures that are beneficial to your skin. A practical book that will help you understand how to take care of your skin.

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Grazilia Almeida-Khatri
Trained as a physician, Dr Grazilia Almeida-Khatri is a wellness coach and consultant. She endorses yoga as a way of life and conducts wellness and yoga retreats for individuals and corporates. She is also trained in Pilates by Michael King, who is based in the UK. Dr Grazilia is a practitioner of the Body Mirror System of healing as taught by Sir Martin Brofman. She lives in Pune, India and offers consultations in person and online.


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