How I won the battle with my bulge

Most of us struggle with weight loss, trying one crash diet after another hoping that the fat will melt away but sometimes determination is all you need

louannsauve-350x198I have lost 90 pounds in a little over two years. Here is why and how…

It was a warm day in July, 2009 when I ran across my college parking lot to get my student ID. By the time I got to the library, I was out of breath and sweating. I gathered myself the best I could and decided I was ready for my picture. When they printed the picture, I looked at it and realised why I was STILL trying to catch my breath after 20 minutes. I WAS FAT!

Enough was enough

I decided that I was going to lose weight and get in shape. I was absolutely mortified that I had let myself get that out of control. I knew that if I really wanted to do this, I was going to have to do it my own way. If I wanted to change my weight, I had to change every aspect of my life; no fad diet or pill was going to give me the results that I wanted or needed.

The first thing I did was stop eating donuts. It might not sound like that big of a deal, but it was to me because that was my ‘go-to’ food. I ate a donut on the way to school at least twice a week. I cut out eating fast food and started walking. Then I started riding my bike. I replaced my diet cola with green tea. Before I knew it, I’d lost 30 pounds.

My body pain vanished

My foot, knee, hip, back and heart no longer hurt. Suddenly I thought, “Wow, I can do this! If I can lose 30, I can lose 50 because that’s only 20 more!” So I pushed myself a little bit harder, watched my diet a little closer. Fifty pounds was gone all too soon. At that point I was riding my bike 10 miles a day and I was walking five miles a day, everyday! Soon it was 60 pounds, then 70, finally 80! I had completely transformed my life! I weighed 268 lbs when I started this journey, I am down to 178. I used to squeeze into a 20W pants, if not a 22W.

I am HALF the woman I once was

I wear a pair of size 10 jeans now! I can wear a large shirt, something I haven’t done since I was in the 4th grade! I would ideally like to lose 20 more pounds, but I am perfectly happy with myself. I have come a long way and have completely changed everything about my life. I have relaxed on the exercise a little, but now I exercise to maintain a healthy weight rather than lose half of my butt!

I turn everything into something physical, my job requires a lot of physical activity, but I make myself do more. I do push-ups whenever I can. I will plop down and do sit-ups, do stretches while I wait for the mop bucket to fill, take the stairs every chance I get!

And jelly donuts? Here’s my trick with those… I will only allow myself to get red jelly donuts with pink frosting, and only from the gas station! Granted, I could drive to the bakery everyday and just get one, but that’s how I got fat! Now I work for it. It took me two weeks to satisfy my craving once, best donut I’ve ever tasted, but I didn’t feel guilty or fat after I was done!


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