Coronavirus pandemic: An unprecedented war

A neurosurgeon draws a parallel between war and the present coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic: An unprecedented war

From the very onset of this global pandemic, there seemed to be more than what meets the eye. The ominous and highly mysterious accidental mutation of the bat coronavirus was never a plausible hypothesis. For those not familiar with medical jargon, every species has specific microbes that are infective to that species. A microbe that infects and causes disease in a particular species, cannot cause that disease in another species. It’s antigenic configuration [Epitope] has to be tweaked to permit entry and infection of another species.

For example, cattle suffer from the cowpox virus, but appear to have a species immunity to the closely related smallpox viruses, whereas in humans, smallpox is a deadly disease while cowpox is a mild localised skin infection. Humans are susceptible to the HIV virus, but most of our related primates are immune to HIV, though they do suffer from HIV-like viruses to which we appear to be immune.

The bat coronavirus, quite surprisingly, underwent a mutation [tweaking of its genetic code to modify its antigenic structure] in a highly specific, intelligent and programmed manner. Two highly specific surface antigens that prevented its entry into the human host cells inexplicably altered themselves in a manner that opened the gateway to the cells of mankind and his nemesis.

Conspiracy theories and speculations

There’s been endless speculation and the conspiracy theorists are having a field day about the origins of this zoonotic [originating from other species] disease.

Could this be the hand of God, or then the machination of an eccentric scientist working at the behest of a regime that will stop at nothing in its relentless pursuit of wealth and power? It’s nearly impossible for anyone to know the truth. The fact remains that the Pandora’s Box was opened, and the question of who opened it is totally superfluous.

Is this the World war III?

Whichever way the mutation might have occurred—whether spontaneously or genetically engineered in the lab—it does seem to be an act of retribution. By the “almighty” if spontaneous or then by the worst enemy of mankind—man himself. This pandemic has metamorphosed into a war, possibly World War III.

The earlier two world wars were also mired in stories of vendetta, but they were limited to the destructive capabilities of the armamentarium of the aggressors. The armamentarium of this war, though, is limitless; the virus can multiply ad infinitum, and has no known antidote. It is loosening the soil into which the roots of existence were firmly anchored. It is a silent, merciless predator, that destroys not just the lungs of the victim but the lungs of civilization—the economy.

As things stand, we are powerless against this act of vengeance. An ultra-microscopic strand of DNA, that has the genetic program to exterminate the entire human species—it is really hard to comprehend and imagine.

The road ahead

The road ahead looks bleak and fraught with grave dangers. A war with no end. A war that ridicules the stockpiles of arms and renders them totally impotent. A war that will be fought by a brigade in white. A task force, that works in the microscopic domain.

A war, where protection is not afforded by deep underground bunkers but by a thin veil of impenetrability at the level of microns. This microbe has certainly rendered futile the advances and accomplishments of technology. It has forced mankind on the back foot and firmly rubbished claims of its abilities to control and subjugate the environment. This just might be a quantum virus, the likes of which we have never encountered before. Quantum because it is simultaneously inflicting both mind and matter. Also because it has reduced mankind to a Shrodinger’s cat—simultaneously dead and alive.

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