The world is waiting for your gift

Everyone is born with a gift, and an obligation to share it with the world

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If you are one of those people who assume the Universe bypassed you while generously bestowing special talents on everyone else on this planet, think again. You are one of a kind—precious, brilliant and gifted.

It is quite possible you have yet to identify your particular ability, but be sure the Universe did not leave you out. It sent you here at this specific time for a good reason, and you cannot leave this earth without fulfilling that purpose. What a waste of a glorious life that would be!

Share your gift

Everyone on earth has a treasure that awaits him, writes Paulo Coelho in his book, The Alchemist. Each of us, including you, has a unique mission [Coelho calls it ‘personal legend’], and it is the one obligation you are required to fulfil in life. Having been assigned a purpose, you are blessed with individual gifts to aid you in accomplishing it. Let those gifts not go to waste. Every step of the way, the Universe sends you indicators that guide you towards your personal legend. Do not overlook them.

Having been assigned a purpose, you are blessed with individual gifts to aid you in accomplishing it

The journey may be far from easy. However, nothing great is achieved without a struggle. There will be times when you will be convinced it is impossible to go on, but ignore anyone who tells you that—including yourself!

Once you discover your precious power, it would be a grievous injustice not to share it with the rest of the world. Leaving behind no meaningful legacy for future generations contradicts the greater scheme of the Universe. Instead, alignment with the design of the Universe will manifest in prosperity, success and victory for you and those you love. Life flows perfectly when you follow your bliss. So find it and fulfil it.

Invest in your bliss

My experience with the desire to become “a writer” taught me valuable lessons. While I appreciated the skill bestowed upon me, I made the constant excuse of not having enough time to write. I had a full-time job, was a busy mother of two. I allowed a host of other grievances to get in my way. For the longest time I was in love with the idea of quitting my full-time job to focus on my writing. I believed that my job was getting in the way of my heart’s deepest desire and what I perceived to be my life’s purpose. But as time went by and no one stepped forward to pay me to stay home and write, I became disheartened. I went through a phase when I could not write anything. I had committed to blogging twice a week, and since I had subscribers on my website and Facebook page, I felt obligated to keep going, regardless of my mental state. My disappointment reflected in my writing and the usual zest and passion I wrote with were noticeably lacking.

While I appreciated the skill bestowed upon me, I made the constant excuse of not having enough time to write

I truly believed that if I followed my heart, money and success would automatically come. But my beliefs did not seem to be reflected in the reality of my life. Eventually, after conversations with a couple of artists, I began to let go of the notion that the only way for me to express myself was to write full time.

Similarly, you may feel you should be able to live your passion day and night and not have to worry about going to work in an office or wherever your livelihood comes from. My intention here is not to discourage you. Instead, I urge you to keep following your bliss, tuning in to your heart and giving full expression to the creativity within you, whether you are paid for it or not. Do not let a single day pass without investing at least an hour in your bliss.

You have been called

Possessing a special gift or skill means you have to keep polishing it. Because a special gift has been bestowed upon you, you have the responsibility of using it effectively to bring joy to the lives of people around you.

You have been called. Know that. Understand that. Imprint it deep in your heart and set out on your mission in whatever way you can, here and now! The world is waiting for you.

Excerpted with permission from Passion, Perseverance and Prayer By Pooja Ruprell; Body & Soul Books, Leadstart Publishing

This was first published in the March 2015 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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