We’re all Oneness

MANOJ Khatri met RASHA and got her to share some of the divine wisdom she received from "Oneness". Here are some excerpts

Manoj with RashaIn February 1998, Rasha’s life changed as she encountered what she calls the “universal presence” or “Oneness”. She began a dialogue with Oneness, which guided her step-by-step through the agonies and the exultation of an experiential voyage to God-realisation. Rasha “documented” the principles she learnt from her dialogue with Oneness and then wrote a book based on the wisdom she received.

Essence of Oneness

Just like the drop of ocean water is every bit the essence of the totality called the ocean, we’re all Oneness. The drop of water is bonded in Oneness, being of it and unto it, yet having identity and self perception. We’re the embodiment of this God force I call Oneness, which is the Divinity we all share.

Oneness teaches us unification. We consider ourselves different from the rest, which gives rise to competitiveness and fear. Oneness says that the “others” in our life are not standing in our way but are our very own selves. Once you accept this, you start to recognise the unity among ourselves.

Individuals can make a difference

These days, a lot of people are experiencing this feeling of being part of Oneness. Yet, they start thinking about how powerless they are: “after all what difference can I make? I am too miniscule in this system”. Firstly, it is important to become aware that everything is energy and, as part of that energy, you can make a difference. You can change the outcome of circumstances in your life with your thinking just like you change a TV channel. If everybody begins to do this, then the collective experience we share is augmented. We are co-creating the world we share and we should look at the quality of vote you are casting with your energy. It is like a palette that is creating the painting we are all watching together. Each of us has a paint brush and together we are co-creating a world.


Ascension is nothing but momentum happening all around us. It is like an energy tidal wave sweeping the planet — an opportunity to experience in one lifetime what might have taken us 100 years. The divine presence is giving us an opportunity for major leap towards unification, which is a gift. People experience this energy in interesting ways. They are more focussed towards humanitarian issues.

Oneness says that what used to available to one in million is available to everybody today. With these conditions, anybody can experience enlightenment.

When energy is amplifying on the planet, there is a possibility of improving our experience of outcomes. If people follow some of these principles like being open to the idea of spirituality, clean up their diet, meditate for some time, they will notice a dramatic change in their quality of life. Life will just flow because the energy is higher and you are keeping pace with the vibrations of the planet at large, instead of lagging one step behind.

Spirituality and religious beliefs

Spirituality is something that happens within the very depth of each of us and it has nothing to do with religion or family heritage. But, it is totally compatible with them. You don’t have to choose between your religion and spirituality because spirituality is a personal relationship you have with the divine that resides inside you. If you choose to do certain rituals or chant mantras for this, it is fine. But there is no prescription to become spiritual.

Oneness says that there is no right and wrong and that on a spiritual path no two journeys are the same. Make time for it and you will see how life takes its own course and you become more playful, child-like. You will enjoy it: just flow along the journey because you don’t have to be right about anything, there is no argument, it is only allowance.

Spirituality is not a question of belief, because belief is construction of the mind. Your beliefs become irrelevant once you have had the taste of spirituality. In meditation, you know that there is a moment that cannot be described. Once you experience it, you no longer “believe” it, but you “know” it. [Also read, Know, Don’t Believe].

Prayer – a form of gratitude

Someone who is asking for a favour is making a declaration to the universe that there is something lacking. They are verbalising or empowering the idea that they don’t have something. The universe usually responds, “All right, if you want not having it, then take some more of not having it”. Instead, your prayer can become a recitation of all the wonderful things that you have in your life. Thank the universe and get into the momentum of gratitude. Prayer becomes an expression of joy – you can sing it, chant it, use flowers, incense sticks – whatever creates the atmosphere. Have that time just for your relationship with yourself, even if it’s just a couple of minutes.

Blessings work

Blessings work through energy and intention. You feel good when you receive energy in the form of blessings from a person having higher energy. That person infuses his intent into you and you get elevated — opening up like a flower. If you are highly receptive, you can expect better results than people who are less receptive.

Manoj Khatri
Manoj Khatri has spent the last two decades learning, teaching and writing about wellbeing and mindful living. He has contributed over 1500 articles for several newspapers and magazines including The Times of India, The Economic Times, The Statesman, Mid-Day, Bombay Times, Femina, and more. He is a counseling therapist and the author of What a thought!, a critically acclaimed best-selling book on self-transformation. An award-winning editor, Manoj runs Complete Wellbeing and believes that "peace begins with me".


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