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FasterEFT re-programmes your brain to think another way by breaking the chain of negative reactions you have to certain stimuli

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There are some key differences between Faster Emotionally Focussed Transformations (FasterEFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), even though both these modalities use tapping on meridian points.

The most important difference is the belief system used behind each of these techniques. Apart from this, the process is slightly different as well. When I created FEFT, I started off with EFT, but after years of study and research, added my own touch to the process. I gradually developed an entirely new system, that I called FasterEFT.

EFT versus FasterEFT

EFT is an Energy Healing Modality. The core belief in EFT is that a disruption in the body’s energy system is the cause of all negative emotions. The tapping points used in EFT are used to balance out that energy, so as to create harmony again. FasterEFT, on the other hand, is based on neurology and biology.

The core belief in FasterEFT is rooted in neuroscience. It believes that there is no disruption in the energy system, and that everything is working as it should, according to the beliefs we hold within our subconscious mind. If we believe that it’s noble to be poor, we will have thoughts supporting that belief and we will successfully take actions that correspond to that belief.

In FasterEFT, the tapping on the energy points is used to disrupt the signal between the brain and the major organs responsible for creating the feelings associated with a particular thought. It deals with changing the neural pathways in the neocortex of the brain while we are actually tapping, literally changing our brain.

FasterEFT operates from an understanding that thoughts and memories stored within the subconscious mind are responsible for every decision we take. Once these memories are recorded within the mind, they are used as references to react to our external environment. Simply put, once you keep thinking or doing something over and over again, whether positive or negative, it becomes a habit, and eventually an automatic response. We learn to walk, drive, ride a bicycle etc. because we’ve performed these actions so many times that it’s become ingrained in our brains.

Whereas, regular EFT believes that negative emotions are not caused by negative memories but by an energy disruption in the body. So the key difference between regular EFT and FasterEFT is that FasterEFT believes on changing the memories held within the subconscious mind, through neurological and biological processes, while regular EFT works on balancing the body’s energy system.

The difference in processes


In EFT, tapping is done on nine acupuncture points. This includes a set up point and the whole process includes a set up phrase which is used while tapping. Then there are rounds of tapping on the other eight points, using a “reminder phrase” which is designed specifically to keep your focus on the problem you are addressing. This process is then repeated until the issue or feeling is resolved. There are more acupuncture points that are used for more complex problems.


The FasterEFT tapping process manipulates only five acupuncture points. The process starts off with you noticing that you have a problem, through how you feel—anxious, sad, depressed, angry, hurt etc.—and by noticing associated memories. This is the aiming process which focuses on the problems held within the subconscious mind. Then, the tapping is done on four meridian points that are connected to the major organs that produce the chemicals that cause the emotions you feel when thinking about a certain problem/memory.

While using FasterEFT, you focus on the feeling of your fingers against your skin and not on the problem. This is known as De-fractionation. While tapping, you repeat the phrase “Let it go” or “It’s safe to let it go”. You then grab your wrist, which is the meridian points for several other major organs, take a deep breath, blow it out and say, “Peace”, and think about a memory or thought that makes you feel good.

This switching between feeling the problem and then taking your focus off of it, is a powerful process and causes a disruption in the subconscious programming of your mind. In effect, you are re-wiring your brain to think another way by breaking the chain of negative reactions you have to certain stimuli.

This process is repeated until the feeling or memory that bothered you doesn’t bother you any more. Or until the memory ‘flips’. Memory flipping simply means that the memory that caused you pain before, now no longer holds the same emotional value. So when you think of that painful memory, you don’t feel hurt, angry or sad. The neuroplasticity of the brain allows you to think about that particular incident without triggering the same negative reaction within you.

For more details on how and why FasterEFT works, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems! or watch FasterEFT Video 167

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