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Meditate on spiritual symbols to connect to the divine

Symbols have fascinated mankind through the ages. From mathematicians to poets; political parties to governments and from seekers to sages, all seem to use them in one form or the other. They have also been employed in many cultures and religions as a spiritual persona to invoke the divine forces and reach a higher level of consciousness.

Whether you are a seeker or a guru, there is an inborn urge to connect to divinity. And to fulfil this quest and facilitate connection, people have devised various means; symbols are one of them. One can derive enormous strength by simply concentrating on a sacred symbol.

How do the sacred symbols work?

On their own, symbols are mere drawings. But once you invoke them by chanting or meditation, they start working for you. They help you connect with your higher self. In fact, there appears to be a covenant between the symbols and divinity that as and when you draw a symbol, chant it or meditate on it, divinity gets activated. There is no bar for anyone to activate the symbols.

The symbols serve as a livewire between the practitioner and divinity. They are a handy meditation tool for people. Used in a creative way, they can lead you to the world of bliss and joy.

Religious symbols

Symbols usually signify the attributes of gods, goddesses or deities. The symbols Om and swastika, although used in Hindu religion, have universal appeal.

om symbolOm is not just a symbol but encompasses the entire universe. It is known as the mother of all mantras. It represents the trinity of God—Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the preserver; and Mahesh, the destroyer. A symbol of primordial vibration, Om is held in reverence by people across cultures. Repeating and meditating on the symbol enhances spiritual development and overall wellbeing of the practitioner.

swastik symbol Swastika is also widely used, mostly in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The word swastika means, ‘May Good Prevail’ –Su means good and astika to exist. It is considered as a symbol of wealth and good fortune and is used in religious ceremonies of the Hindus, in temples and buildings. In Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese maps, a swastika denotes a temple. Traditionally, in various places in India, you may often find the sacred symbol drawn at the doorstep to attract positive forces.

Holy cross symbolThe Holy Cross is the symbol revered by Christians. They use it to pray and connect to the Lord. The Sikhs revere Onkar and the Buddhists meditate on the Mandala. An Egyptian cross known as Ankh symbolises a mythical eternal life and the life giving power of the Sun. It is also considered a symbol of rebirth. There are many more symbols but these are universally accepted.

Reiki symbols

There are also many esoteric symbols in Reiki—the art of tapping the universal life force energy for healing. Reiki symbols also help us connect to the source. The power symbol, the mental and emotional symbol, the distant symbol and the master symbol are the four major symbols evolved by Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. Concentrating on these symbols automatically connects the practitioner to the high frequencies of cosmic energy and facilitates him to channel Reiki at will providing healing at physical, mental and emotional levels.

Dedicated use of these symbols also bestows special powers on the practitioner, which enables him to heal himself.

V N Mittal
V N Mittal is a certified ReikiMaster Teacher and a freelance writer. He lives in Dehra Dun.


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