Switchwords: Modern Mantras That Can Help You Transform Your Life

Words have the potential to transform your life. Using switchwords you can quickly dissolve negativity, find lost things or make small and big changes to your life

Switchwords are modern mantras that can help you transform your life

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What are switchwords

James T Mangan dedicated his life to understanding the power of individual words. In his book, The Secret of Perfect Living, published in the 1960s, he coined the term switchwords. Switchwords work because they bypass the conscious thinking minds and reach out to our subconscious minds. They are words that, like switches, help us turn off the blocks in our subconscious and turn on our hidden potential.

Amazingly, these are simple words we use in our day to day lives. However, when we use them with a focused intention, they start creating magic. To categorize them as a manifestation tool, however, is to sell them short. Switchwords are an amazing clearing and cleansing tool.

How to use switchwords in everyday life

You can use switchwords for good health, money, love, weight loss or any other intention you may have. Let’s look at three examples of how switchwords can help you in your everyday life.

1. Negate bad thoughts

I was taught switchwords and how to apply them in a happiness class. Of all the switchwords, the one that particularly caught my fascination was “Cancel”. Every thought carries energy. Using the word ‘Cancel’ clears the energy behind a negative thought. It can therefore prevent a negative intention from manifesting. So for a week I experimented. Every time I had a negative thought, I cancelled it by repeating, “Cancel, Cancel,” in my head a couple of times. Sometimes I even put a red cross across it in my mind.

For almost a week after I began, I found that I was cancelling every other thought. One morning as I woke up, I had the first thought pop into my head: Cancel. It was truly a moment of elation for me. I started experiencing a mind free of negative thoughts. I became aware that the mind is not the content, but rather the stream of awareness where thoughts come and go.

2. Find, retrieve or memorize things

Soon afterwards, I started experimenting with other switchwords. “Reach” a word which is used to find something or solve a problem, became my next favorite word. I couple it with the word “Divine” which means to work miracles. After all if you have lost something, it feels like a miracle when it shows up. I had the habit of misplacing my keys all the time, so “Reach Divine” was a real life saver. Additionally, this phrase can also be used to help you recall or retrieve. During a job interview, I used “Reach Divine” to memorize my technical fundamentals that I had forgotten to brush up and it worked. It is not only recalling, but also memorizing that you need on occasions like a job interview. “Care” helps you to memorize and retain information. I repeated the phrase “Care Divine” after studying a module for an interview. Sure enough, I remembered things a lot faster.

3. Get out of jams or lose bad habits

So much of our life is spent in traffic jams, especially if we live in metro cities. Chanting ‘Divine Order Now’ clears traffic and helps you get out of jams. Adding ‘Halfway’ to this mantra can make a distance seem short. Another handy switchword that my mother used for a long time was ‘Off’, which is used for sleeping or quitting an unwanted habit. She often chanted ‘Off Divine’ before sleeping and started falling asleep faster and better. An acquaintance of mine also used ‘Off Divine’ every time he smoked or had the urge to smoke to help him get rid of his habit.

Chanting ‘Divine Order Now’ clears traffic and helps you get out of jams

Making a switchword sentence

The trick to using switchwords is that the more playfully you apply them, the easier it is to see results. Moreover, there is even a template that allows you to combine different switchwords to help you affirm what you need. It reads something like…

“Bring Together With Divine Love <put your choice of switchword here> Now Done Thanks”.

For example, to manifest your heart’s desires, you may use the switchwords “Find Charm”. You can use these words in the template like this: Bring Together With Divine Love Find Charm Now Done Thanks!

How to combine multiple switchwords

  • Don’t crowd all the switchwords into the same phrase or sentence. For example, use one phrase for health, another for prosperity, another for self-esteem and so on. Break down different areas of your life and apply switchwords to them
  • Make sure you are not using conflicting switchwords. For example, if you are looking to get publicity—for which you use “Ridiculous”, and at the same time use “Cut”, which is used for moderation or cutting down, the end result may not be as effective as using ‘Ridiculous’ and a word like “Hole”, which means to appear attractive.
  • I have found that using maximum four switchwords for one purpose works well, especially if you put these in the above template.

Have fun while you play with switchwords and experientially understand their essence.

A list of useful switchwords for love, health and work

Health & Wellbeing Work Relationships
Alone Alert Blush
Between Bingo Concede
Blessed Bonus Freedom
Calm Charm Cream
Change Crisp Miracle

This was first published in the October 2015 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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