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As Rachel stood in front of the mirror looking casually elegant in a beautiful blue sweater and jeans with high-heeled boots that showed off her long legs, I could sense her discomfort. She acknowledged that she looked good, but she said it without conviction. When I probed a little more, we got to the heart of the matter. She felt conspicuous, like the entire world would be staring at her in this outfit. This was a foreign experience for her, and she wasn’t sure if she liked it.

Own who you are

Can you relate to Rachel’s experience? How do you feel about standing out from the crowd? Does the idea excite you and make you smile, or does the very thought strike terror in your heart and make you cringe? If the latter is truer for you, what has been your alternative to standing out?

Many women describe their style as ‘beige,’ ‘predictable,’ ‘decent’ or ‘downright boring.’ Rarely does a woman purposely choose that look. It is usually a response to her deeply-rooted fear of standing out for the wrong reasons; she would rather fade into the woodwork than risk looking silly or inappropriate. The result? Each time she gets dressed, her self-esteem and confidence take a direct hit.

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A version of this was first published in the December 2013 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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