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Unlock the powers of Feng Shui in your home

Fengshui HomeFeng shui is not about simply placing a decorative bowl of water in the room or hanging a wind chime from your window sill. While feng shui does literally translate as ‘wind-water’, it is really the study of ‘qi’ or ‘energy’. Let me be your guide…

Before I begin, you must understand your environment [living space]. It is divided into two halves—external and internal. External feng shui features would include your main gate, nearby buildings, roads, man-made or natural structures and features like bridges, lakes or ponds. Internal feng shui features are your immediate living space, of which the three most important factors to consider are the main door, bedroom and kitchen.

Visualise your home as a human body, the main door/ gate would then represent the mouth. Just as our health is dependent on what we eat, similarly the quality of feng shui of a house is determined by its main entrance. This area is considered a yang feature as there is constant activity with people going in and out of the home. It is generally responsible for the wealth aspect and the quality of qi that enters your home. The bedroom and the kitchen are considered yin features and play a vital role in maintaining harmony and health.


  • Feng Shui for the living room
  • Feng Shui for the bedroom
  • Feng Shui for the kitchen

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