The Tantra Approach to Eternal Satisfaction

You don't have to own a Mercedes, or win the Nobel Prize, to feel satisfied

Pursuit of eternal satisfaction {Concept}People often complain of their miseries, problems, and they blow them up by exaggerating them.

It seems there is a morbid satisfaction in imagining that they have big problems that cannot be resolved. First, they create misery mentally, and they somatise it – which means their psychological wound is translated into a physical wound. They start treating the physical ailment, forgetting completely that the origin is in their mind.

Tantra has a totally opposite approach. It is extremely life affirmative and asks people to look at the brighter side of things.

Osho has spoken extensively on the ancient Tantra treatise, Vigyan Bhirav Tantra. His vision is in tune with Tantra in terms of positive approach to life. There are 112 meditation techniques in Tantra that open the door to meditation. One of the beautiful and simple techniques is: Wherever satisfaction is found, in whatsoever act, actualise it.

It is so simple! You don’t have to own a Mercedes, or win the Nobel Prize, to feel satisfied. If your mind is not habituated to satisfaction, it will not feel satisfied even if you are made the king of the world.

Eternal satisfaction is about quality over quantity

Satisfaction is dripping through every moment of life, if you know the art of squeezing it. There are so many moments of gratification in a day. You feel thirsty, you drink water. Can anything match the satisfaction felt after the thirst is quenched? Tantra says, forget the water, forget the thirst—just remain with the subtle satisfaction that you are feeling. Be filled with it.

We wake up in the morning; a welcoming sun awaits us. We have a hot cup of tea; sipping the beverage gives us vibrations of satisfaction.

We go on missing satisfying moments because we are interested in quantity. We are interested in how to get more rich—in quantity, not in quality. We can have two houses and two cars, a big bank account, a collection of imported things.

Quantity changes: it becomes more and more. But, the quality of our mind remains the same. Basically, richness is not of things. Richness depends on the quality of the mind. If the mind that is earning knows how to enjoy the assets, it will enrich the quality of life. Even a poor man can be a rich man as far as quality is concerned. Likewise, even a rich man can be a poor man. Almost always this is the case, because a person concerned with things or quantity is totally unaware that a different dimension is there within him—the dimension of quality. And, that dimension changes only when the mind is positive.

Write it down

Try one experiment tomorrow: for the whole day, whenever you feel something beautiful, satisfactory, or something blissful, write it down. There are many moments in our day—be aware of it. You don’t notice them because the mind is bogged down by problems. The sun rises, the flowers open, the birds sing, and the breeze blows through the trees. A small child looks at you with innocent eyes, and a subtle feeling of bliss enters into you; or, someone smiles and you feel blissful.

Whenever you feel satisfied, verbalise it. Say loudly, “I am satisfied.” Or, may be, whisper to yourself, or sing that you are satisfied. Because, actualising satisfaction is like having a bouquet of fragrant roses in the room. Its fragrance permeates inside and outside of your being.

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Amrit Sadhana
Amrit Sadhana, a long time Osho meditator, is editor Osho Times International. A member of the management team, she also writes for various magazines propagating the Osho vision, and conducts workshops and self-development courses. She lives in the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune.


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