Oxygenating the body

Health Oxygen Equipment [H.O.E] therapy maximises the oxygen in the body cells and helps in the process of healing

Recently, one of the most popular topics in the new living medicine arena is how to provide supplemental oxygen. Methods are such as aerobic exercise, yoga, T’ai chi, jogging, swimming, controlled breathing do provide oxygen. However, these exercises alone cannot prevent nor cure disease. About 20 years ago, I suggested that oxygen was the major source of health, or the lack of oxygen was the root of most illnesses. This is the foundation of the Health Oxygen Theory.

Oxygen efficient aerobic exercises use the minimum amount of effort and achieve the maximum result of having exercised, which will improve the basic characteristics of the body.

About 75 trillion cells provide the body with energy to carry out brain, body and organ function, as well as movement. Cells starved for oxygen can create immune system dysfunction, cardiac symptoms, sleep and respiratory disorders, blood chemistry disturbances, intestinal problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and many other imbalances.

The Health Oxygen Equipment [H.O.E] maximises oxygenation of body cells, which support deep healing. Normal vigorous exercise provides health benefits, but may also use up vital oxygen and compress intervertebral disks. It may also result in fatigue or physical stress. The H.O.E supports health without energy loss, body stress, or effort. Because exercise with the Health Oxygen Equipment is done while reclining and relaxed, with weight removed from the spine, a sense of wellbeing and pleasure is experienced.

Benefits of this exercise

  • Besides eliminating the problem of breathing difficulty, this exercise improves the basic characteristics of the following illness: heart disease, heart muscle cramp, lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, ulcer, neurosis, arthritis, back ache, aviation disease, neurasthenia, nervousness, anorexia, poor appetite, snoring, allergy and cancer.
  • The helps to cure insomnia.
  • Based on a medical theory, oxygen aerobic exercise can improve both physical and emotional balance.
  • Oxygen-efficient aerobic exercise ensures normal breathing activities. It is an exercise that causes efficient use of oxygen by internal organs.

How does “H.O.E” work?

The Health Oxygen Equipment [H.O.E] moves your entire body, but most importantly, it is moving one of the largest muscle groups in the body, your legs. This motion causes your blood to efficiently circulate throughout your body. Your cells absorb oxygen, and toxins are removed.

This is not a 10-km run, where one gets all sweaty and exhausted. Instead you lie down, relax, have a “workout”, and are rejuvenated within a few minutes.

Why is the “Health Oxygen Equipment” an aerobic exerciser that increases oxygen?

During use, the “Health Oxygen Equipment” [H.O.E] can stimulate gangliated nerves, expand capillaries, enhance the ability to inhale oxygen so that it can reach cells located deep into tissues and between cell boundaries, increase the oxygenation of blood, and activate cells. This respiratory oxygen process is a key to increased cell metabolism and improved health.

Why does “swinging” with the “H.O.E” for 15 minutes have the effect of walking 10,000 steps?

Research shows that when you swing on a “H.O.E” for 15 minutes, it produces the same effect as walking 10,000 steps. In other words, it can consume the equivalent amount of calorie burning oxygen consumed during one and one half-hour of walking. Therefore, 15 minutes of swinging is aggressive for those who are not used to such vigorous activity. They will complain of fatigue or even feel generalised pain. They are simply out of shape or they haven’t fully recovered from unrelated injuries. But, after one has used it for some period of time, some forget that 15 minutes of swinging equals 10,000 steps and wonder why they don’t feel tired. One forgets because you lie down during the exercise and you experience no pressure, your body has total support and you feel relaxed. In addition, this is an aerobic exercise performed without getting tired. Keep using it and you will gain good health.

Why do I experience discomfort when I initially started using the “H.O.E“?

This could be because of two main reasons:

  1. Because of known diseases: You need to understand the characteristics of the machine before using it and make certain that its use is consistent with any illness you might have.
  2. Because of some unknown disease: Diseases unbeknownst to users are sometimes revealed in the course of using the machine.

This machine can help alert you to health conditions you might not have known about.

Can I watch TV or chat while swinging with the “H.O.E“?

No, while using the machine you have to concentrate. Distractions will reduce the effectiveness.

I have just had surgery. Can I use the “H.O.E“?

No. You can not use it unless the wound is closed and healed. In addition, neither can it be used during early pregnancy or shortly after spontaneous labour.

Why do you have to remain lying still for two or three minutes after using the “H.O.E“?

When the “H.O.E” stops, it is highly recommended that you not immediately get up because you will have the sense of total collapse from head to toe – the entire body. This is what Chinese herbal doctors call the “oxygen-blood circulation.” In fact, “H.O.E” is sending messages throughout the internal body. This internal massage that occurs after the machine has stopped can produce as much as 60% of the machine’s total effect — even greater than the effect produced during the actual swinging itself.

Has the efficacy of the “H.O.E” been verified as a health appliance by any recognised agency?

Yes, it has. It has been tested by eminent medical institutions like Calcutta Medical College, AIIMS, NIOH [National Institute of Orthopaedically Handicapped] and endorsed by Indian Medical Association.

Why you have to drink water before and after using the “H.O.E” in the morning?

Before and after using the “H.O.E” you have to drink some water to help facilitate the removal of circulatory and metabolic waste materials from the body by way of urine. This promotes good health.

The ultimate objective of this therapy is to provide a method that when used consistently, everyone can maintain good health, have longevity, and lead a graceful and comfortable life.

Amitabh Dassani
Amitabh Dassani is Chairman cum Managing Trustee, Morning Walker Institute of Wellbeing.



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