Message from the Gita

How the Bhagvad Gita and its importance in life were revealed to me at a very early age

Krishna and Arjuna from MahabharatMy mother was a supreme believer and she taught me to read and understand the Bhagvad Gita whenever I had the time.

She explained to me that the Gita tells us about every aspect of our past, present, and future, and it helps to calm and soothe us during times of stress.

If you understand the Gita, you don’t need any other teacher, because Lord Krishna lets you know that if you are a believer you have nothing to fear in life. Just hold His hand, depend fully on Him, and submit your whole being to Him, and all your fears, worries, anxieties and sorrow, will be overcome.

First experience

My faith in the Gita was defined when I was still in school.

We lived in Kolkata.

My grandma [nani], who lived in Patna, fell extremely sick. We stayed at our Patna home and visited my mama’s residence, every day.

Though my mother wanted to be with my nani, day and night, we used to return to our “interim” home late every evening. This was simply because of lack of space, since my aunts, who had come from out of town, were staying at my mama’s place.

My nani was “sinking” day-by-day; the doctor gave us no hope. As usual, after spending another day at nani’s bedside, we returned and settled for the night. That particular night, my mother didn’t want to leave my nani’s side for some reason. Nani too reciprocated the feeling. Anyway, we had hardly gone to sleep when we were informed about nani’s sudden passing away. When we reached mama’s residence, my mother went straight to nani’s room. She sat down, opened the Gita [Chapter 11], and read it aloud.

She was alone, and as soon as she finished reading, she saw a strange light erupt from nani’s body. It seemed to make its way out of the open window. After this, my mother felt a certain peace and calm on my nani’s face as well as in her own heart. She was convinced she saw her mother’s soul leaving her mortal body. It seemed as if my nani was waiting to meet her eldest daughter, and after listening to the Gita, she was at peace with her soul.

My mother was quiet, thinking that no one would believe what she saw. She spoke to me about this experience, a few years before her own demise.

Faith reinforced

After my marriage, I shifted to New Delhi. My mom continued to live in Patna.

After a while, she wasn’t keeping well and I knew she would leave me soon.

The day arrived and I was informed about her demise. I rushed to Patna by the first available flight. On reaching home, I went straight to her side and read out Chapter 11 from the Gita, just as she had done after nani’s death.

I wasn’t lucky enough to get a glimpse of my mother’s face, or soul, but I felt a deep satisfaction in my heart, only because I happened to read the Gita [Chapter 11].

Till date, I love reading the Gita.

I also feel my mother’s presence with me, telling me to go with the flow and leave everything in God’s hands.

Amita Sinha loves to pen down her thoughts on various subjects. Her poems, children stories, and spiritual musings have been published online. She is a homemaker living in New Delhi.


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