Make-up in a flash

Busy women have little time to spend on elaborate make-up. Yet they need to look great at various occasions. Follow these simple tips to look great in a jiffy

MakeupEven though we want to, most of us are unable to really use make-up to its full potential, primarily because time is always at a premium — with office, home and hearth all clamouring for attention. However, looking well-groomed and fresh is very important – whether it is for a client meeting, job interview, PTA meeting, shopping expedition, office party or a quiet dinner with family. When it comes to appearances, quite literally, make-up can work wonders and propel us from naturally beautiful to sophisticated to glamorous in a matter of minutes.

The benefits and need of applying make-up are obvious but the question that looms large is – how do you apply make-up and get the right look when you have only, say, around five minutes to get ready and get out of the door? Or when you have an important client meeting coming up in around 10 minutes? Or boss decides to have an impromptu celebration for the latest contract signed at the nearby club – in 20 minutes?

The solution

The solution is simple. If you have all the basic arsenal ready — tinted moisturiser, skin illuminator, liquid foundation, concealer, pressed powder, powder eye shadow – two or three shades, eye liner, mascara, blusher, coloured lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner, a soft sponge applicator for the eye shadow, brush for the blusher and ear buds, blotting tissues and cotton balls to correct any make-up mistakes, face wash and cleanser — you can have three different looks in a jiffy.

Option1: Business chic

The all-day look [the natural, no-make-up look]

This look takes around 5-7 minutes to create and is best for a regular day in the office or just running errands.

  1. Cleanse your face; apply moisturiser mixed with a skin illuminator or a tinted moisturizer in even strokes
  2. Cover up any blemishes or dark circles with concealer
  3. Follow up with pressed powder using a puff. Brush off any excess powder
  4. Smile and apply blusher on the apple of the cheeks with light brush strokes towards the ear.
  5. Smear powder eye shadow along your lash lines with a soft sponge applicator. Apply one coat of mascara
  6. One coat of coloured lip gloss or a light shade of lipstick gives a healthy, natural look.

And there you are – ready to face the new day.

Option 2: Class apart

The classic look [the sophisticated or polished look]

This look is ideal for meetings and takes around 10-12 minutes to do.

Steps 1 to 4 remain the same as the all-day look.

  1. Emphasise the eyes. Use two eye shadow colours for the eyes, a light pink or nearly white to apply all over the eyelid including below the eyebrow. The darker shade [brown or any other colour of your preference] is to be applied just over the eyeball area. Use an eye liner on the upper lid. Apply mascara.
  2. Apply lip liner and lipstick. Press a tissue paper between your lips to absorb excess lipstick and re-apply lipstick. Put on one coat of lip gloss.

Go on then, show the world the corporate czarina that you really are.

Option 3: Starry Gaze

The party look [the diva or celeb look]

Great for an occasion, it takes around 15 minutes to get this look.

Steps 1 to 4 and 6 remain the same as the classic look.

  1. Further accentuate the eyes. Use three shades of eye shadow. Apply the lighter shadow over all the eye area, the medium shade over the eyelid and the darker shade over the eye crease and outer half of the eyelid. Curl your eyelashes. Apply eye liner on both the upper and lower lids. For a more dramatic look, extend the liner beyond the corner of the eyes. Apply mascara.

Apply a glamorous shade of nail polish to your nails – express dry nail paints available save precious time.

Hey, enjoy the party!!!

Whole day make-up

Having applied make-up in a jiffy and gotten the look right, the next part is ensuring that it stays on for the whole day. The good news is that most cosmetics are now designed to last long — water proof mascara and eyeliner, long-stay, non-transfer lipsticks, sheer foundations, and eyeliner, eyebrow and lipstick sealants – all these are a boon to the busy lady. Despite this, if make-up does begin to wear off, then use blotting tissues to absorb excess oil from the face. Smooth out the foundation using a brush and touch up lightly where needed. Re-apply the blusher using very light strokes. Lightly remove smudges from around the eyes, touch up your eyeliner and then your lipstick.

So, go ahead, put make-up to good use and let the beautiful lady within you shine, all in a flash.

How to remove make-up

No matter how tired you feel, it is always best to get all cleaned up before you go to sleep.

  • Use a gentle, slightly diluted cream on a ball of cotton wool to clean up the entire face. This will take care of the foundation and powder.
  • Remove the lipstick next. Once the overall clean up has been done, begin on the lipstick. Usually, petroleum gel will get off the toughest waterproof lipstick. Rub some on your lips and wipe off with a tissue.
  • Continue with the eyes. These are gentle areas and an eye make-up remover would be the best solution. These are all just preliminaries to get off the separate areas of make-up.
  • Use a gentle foaming soap to wash your face and unclog the pores.
  • Pat your face dry and put on a light night lotion to combat skin dryness that can occur from the rigorous removal of the make-up and all the chemicals used on the skin.

Team CW

Roli Gupta
Roli Gupta, a writer, is an erstwhile electrical engineer and software tester. She lives in Mumbai.


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