Vaastu and Feng Shui: Living in Harmony

Vaastu/Feng-Shui balances the forces of nature in the house and helps us to live a healthier, wealthier and happier life

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Vaastu Shastra is one of the most valuable treasures of ancient Indian heritage. Vaastu is a science, which deals with living in harmony with the forces of nature. It is a universal subject, which would benefit each of us irrespective of caste, creed, sex, colour and nationality. A good and a healthy environment designed and decorated as per Vaastu would ensure healthy mind in a healthy body.

Vaastu as practiced in China, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia and many other Asian countries is known as Feng-Shui; the art of balancing energies through interior decoration. This wonderful science is gradually spreading to various parts of the globe including Europe, Canada, US, Australia and even Gulf countries.

Vaastu, in Sanskrit, means dwelling of humans and gods. Since the whole universe consists of five elements namely earth, water, fire, air and space, the tenants of Vaastu try to create balance between them.

All the guidelines of Vaastu/Feng-Shui and Pyramid Power are scientific, practical and supported by universal facts. The magnetic energy of the earth and solar energy are best tapped by adopting the basics of these sciences. Since sun is the major cosmic entity and we live on earth; which nourishes all beings like a mother, they are the treasure of all comforts and pleasure. The subtle energy in natural and built environment affect human beings have also been verified. Thus there is a great need for the architects and Vaastu experts to co-ordinate; since an architect can build an aesthetically posh house but can’t assure happy life to people living in that house, which Vaastu-science may be able to offer.

Kitchen: cooking with energy

KitchenKitchen is the most important room in a house since it affects the health of the entire family.

According to Vaastu, the best place for a kitchen is the South-East corner, as South-East is supposed to be the place of fire God. From the practical and scientific point-of-view as well, it is considered to be the proper place for a kitchen as beneficial infra-red rays come from east and ultraviolet rays, which are harmful for germs like bacteria, virus etc., come from south. The other option especially for west or north facing houses recommended by Vaastu is the North-West area, being the air zone which is vital for burning activity. The other acceptable directions can be East and South Zone to prevent the smoke and cooking fumes from flowing into the living/working area and affecting the health of the inmates.

Direction for cooking

For good taste, as also for proper health of the family especially ladies, the cooking hobs should be ideally positioned in such a way that one is facing east while preparing food. In case of a kitchen placed in North-West corner of the house, one can also face west while cooking. Cooking while facing Northeast/North can result into heavy expenditure, difference of opinion, and mental unrest. In many situations cervical problems, pain in the shoulders have been cured simply by avoiding cooking facing South/Southwest. Another important advice to ensure good health especially to reduce backaches and pain in the legs is to avoid a door at the back while cooking or fix a convex mirror in front to reflect the door area.

Five elements in kitchen

The sink should be placed in the Northeast [water element] or North or East, the gas stove and other electric appliances are to be placed in the Southeast [fire element] or Northwest [Air zone].

Heavy and full height cabinets are to be built in the Southwest zone [earth element]. The Centre [space element], North and East of the kitchen should be kept open. The fridge and the storage cupboards are best arranged along the southern and western walls.


The best colours recommended in Vaastu for the kitchen are all shades of yellow, off-white or cream. Colours like blue and black should be totally avoided. The roof must always be painted white.

Vaastu for the bedroom

BedroomAccording to Vaastu, the bedroom should be as far away from North and East direction as possible. The closer you are to South and West, the more peace and comfort you will find. That is why Southwest or south area is best suited for a master bedroom.

Never place your head towards North while sleeping since like poles repel each other. It should be towards South, as it ensures good health and peaceful sleep [since our head being North pole is attracted by earth’s South pole]. Placing your head in east or west is also beneficial depending on the location of doors, window and toilets. Maximum furniture should be kept on the south and west side of the bedroom.

Preferably, there should not be any reflective surface in the bedroom to ensure harmonious family life and better health. In case, there is no other option but to have a mirror/TV/computer etc, place it in such a way that it does not reflect the bed or cover the mirror with a cloth before going to sleep.

Ideal colours for bedroom walls are off-white, light yellow, light green, or peach. Avoid dark and fluorescent shades.

Bathroom: cleanse and rejuvenate

The bathroom or toilet adjacent to the Southeast corner in the east direction is very useful as the morning sun rays coming from east falls on our body and kills the germs. It can also be constructed in the west or north of Northwest or in the south direction, leaving the Northeast and the Southwest corners. The seat should be preferably placed on North-South axis. Bathroom should not be placed in the Northeast or Southwest zone of the bedroom. The wash basin can be placed in the Northern or Eastern area. The geyser can be placed in the South-eastern, South or East or Northwest zone of the bathroom.

As per Mayamata, an ancient text, the bathroom should be beautiful, free from dirt, hair, and decorated with flowers, plants and fragrant substances. The colours should be light, refreshing such as light blue green, off-white etc. A lot of natural light, air and, ventilation are the basic requirement of this part of the house.

Drawing room/Living room

Keeping in view the utility of the living room, it will be preferable to locate the areas in Mid-east or Mid-west as the kitchen in Northwest or Southeast will be able to serve these rooms comfortably. For North/Northwest facing houses, it can be located in Northwest and Northeast also. For south facing houses, the living room can be located in the Southeast as well. In the living room, doors in the East and North are the first choice. It must not have any door on the Southwest side. Maximum furniture, showcases, heavy articles should be placed in the Southwest, south or west zone. The TV should either be in the Southeast zone or in the south or west. It should not be in the Northeast or Southwest corners. The furniture of the living room should be square or rectangular but not round, triangular, oval shapes or hexagonal. Portraits/statues of cruel animals, weeping and nude children/women, scenes from war should not be displayed as they create disharmony among family members.

Children’s / study room

Vaastu suggests some simple rules to be followed for the prosperity of your child. The placement direction recommended by Vaastu for the children’s room is North-East, North and East. While studying, the child should face east, north or west to get maximum benefit of solar and magnetic energy. It could increase memory, grasping power as well as concentration. Light facing in upward direction like bracket light or wall mounting light is recommended in the study room as it lifts the energy in the evening hours. The bed can be placed in Southwest, south or west corner. The main door/window to this room should not be exactly behind the student otherwise it will disturb concentration and can arouse a feeling of insecurity. If the children are small, keep the interiors bright and colourful.


In India, balconies are usually provided at higher floors and are put to use for creating a garden area, sit-out or sometimes simply for drying clothes. As a general rule, the balconies provided in Northeast, North, East, West of Northwest and South of Southeast of the building will bring happiness, stability and good health whereas a structure in Southwest, East of Southeast and North of Northwest should be avoided.

Along with construction, the interior decor of the house, office, shop or factory is equally important. If the setting is done according to principles of Vaastu/Feng-Shui, the thoughts, speech and action are supported by nature and lead to health, wealth and happiness. In other words, it’s safe to say that Vaastu/Feng-Shui can change our destiny for the better.

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Gopal Sharma
Pt Gopal Sharma is President, Institute of Vaastu and Joyful Living, New Delhi. He is presently engaged in adding peace, prosperity and happiness in the lives of people by consultancy and courses on Vaastu & Pyramidology. He has to his credit 27 best selling books in Hindi, English, German and French on Vaastu Science.


  1. Hi i am just moving to an apartment where the entrance is facing east and the kitchen cooker while cooking is facing south is this a good direction please suggest and if this is not the good direction kindly let me know the remedies. and also where the wardrobes or the lockers to be faced.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hello Sir,

    We booked an apartment(almost rectangular) with walls facing NE ,SE,SW,NW unlike the regular plot(N,E,S,W). The front door faces North East and is a corner unit. Kitchen is in the SE direction with kitchen door facing outwards in NW direction. We are now in a dilemma on which wall could we place the sink and stove (as we have no East facing wall . Out of the kitchen slabs on NE and SE facing wall, which one will be most suitable for stove and sink as per vaastu. Please advice.
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Hello sir
    I live in england. Everything what you mentioned seems to be according to vaastu . We have west facing house with big garden at back. South east part of house is extended at back. Can I put a retractable roof or she’d on north east part to counteract the effect.
    Pls advise.

  4. Hello,
    My upstairs bathroom is in north east area of the house attached to bed room. What is the remedy for this? Is northeast bed room good for kids,there is always some worries with the children. Your advice is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

  5. I have a toilet & bathroon in South. As per fengshui it is not good direction. I am current facing lot of Career & reputation issue. Please guide

  6. I’m moving into a rented property with a northeast kitchen please do u have any remedies for a northeast kitchen

  7. recently we have brought a villa in is east facing but there is an electric box in noth east side of the house but it is out side our house boundry.calculating from the center of the house it is not in the range of north east. but still it it there any remedy.
    please answer my mail i will be very thank ful to you.i am very tense from that day ,the day we brought the house.
    with regards

  8. Hello,
    We recently purchased a house and found out that as per vaastu shastra the bathroom and toilet cannot be in the north east direction. But, unfortunately our bathroom attached to the master bedroom is north east facing. Due to budget constraints we cannot redo the direction of the bathroom. What remedy is suggested for this?

  9. Hello sir

    my house facing east and i have a swimming pool in the west is this ok if is not what kind remedy I can do please advice

  10. Hello!

    We just bought a house and the kids bathroom is right above the kitchen. The toilet pot infact sits right above the cooking range. I cannot change anything at this point. What vastu remedy can I use to make it better for us? Thank you!


  11. i live in Canada. In my house east corner is cut ans south west is low. so what remedies can i apply to fix these vastu dosh? i will be really thankful if something is suggested without any distriction

  12. Namaskar

    I am planning to buy a house in horizon hills ,johor bahru.Its cluster house facing southwest,hence the master bed room is in the southwest corner. However there is no backyard in view of cluster home. The garden is in the west,nortwest.kindly comment on this property.Thanks. Dr Mala

  13. Hi, I am living in Singapore and we will be buying an apartment that we like a lot. It is located on the 10th floor. The house main door is EAST facing. However from the hall window, we can see the General Hospital arial view.

    It is well above of the hospital.
    We have yet to start a family and its been 1.5yrs since we got married.

    Is it advisable to get the unit and what vastu pooja to do to correct the positioning if it is a problem at all.

    And also, planning to locate the pooja room facing West, so that We will stand facing east while praying.

    Will that be good as well?

    Please advise

  14. Hi,
    I saw a semi-detached house facing west. Left side of the SD with living hall facing north west and right side of the SD with living hall facing south west. Which side of the semi detached house is better? Left or right?


  15. our kitchen is facing south west and sink is in the extreme left. some say sink has to be removed from there as this belongs to rahu ketu pls. suggest remedy since it is difficult to alter the entire kitchen unit

  16. I have toilet in my north east , heard its not at all adviseable and facing lot of problems pls tell me some remedies whixh can help us develop our situations even if there is some construction , or small damage to be done .

  17. My kitchen is facing west and the sink is on the left hand side. My wife cooks food facing west. It is impossible to alter since it involves lot of cost. Please suggest remedy

  18. I have a toilet in east side of my house,its not in the north east.please suggest some remedy
    Thank you

  19. we sold our old house to have a fully vastu perfect house. but we have the lift in the southern south west of the house, someone told us it causes problems with having children and i recently had a miscarrigae. what is the way to prevent it?Please suggest.

  20. My kitchen is in the north west corner of the house, and I have to face north while cooking. Please suggest me some remedies to improve this?

  21. main door facing east, east north corner hall, north west corner room, west south corner kitchen, south east corner bath room attached latrine. some people say vaastu is not proper. please adivce.

  22. my cash and jewelry almirah is in north west side of SW room facing south west wall having mirror on it….is this is a good position and if not what will be the consequences…..

  23. hi,
    1).i have toilet cum bathroom and wash basin placed in north and the said entire area is elevated by three feet,in north-east direction of my office.
    2).i have main electrical box of the entire premises on south wall just three feet away from south west corner of my office.
    Kindly suggest some remedies to overcome these vastu dosh without any construction damage.

  24. kindly suggest us colours for interier in,hall&kitchen for children education and health for all.

  25. hi,

    i am having fixed heavy shelf in north east direction
    kindly suggest some remedy to overcome this vastu dosh without any construction damage.

  26. my kitchen is in north east direction. I have no other alternative for kitchen. Please help me and advise some help.

  27. hi i have a toilet-bathroom in exactly north-east corner of my house, which i have heard is not good.
    kindly suggest me some remedy soon.. please.
    thank you.

  28. My kitchen is facing west and the sink is on the left hand side. I have cooked food facing west. It is impossible to alter any changes bcoz lots of cost. give me advice

  29. My kitchen is in north and cooking range in north only. I can not change please advise solution.


  30. hi,
    is it correct to sleep head towards north as there is no other option coz bedroom is constructed in such a way. the back of the bed is little higher so the direct contact with northern wall is not possible..

  31. hi,
    My house is south facing, plot is high on south, low in north.bedroom is in southwest and northwest corner. Bathrooms are in north. My kitchen is in north and cooking range is in the same direction, so I have to cook facing north. I cannot change the kitchen and cooking range direction, please advise me remedies.

  32. My kitchen is facing west and the sink is on the left hand side. My wife cooks food facing west. It is impossible to alter since it involves lot of cost. Please suggest remedy


  33. Hi, I am living in a house which has a puja room in north east corner, where the idols are facing east. The shelf in which the idols are kept is in the northwest corner of the room. Is is correct?

    My Master bedroom is in south west corner of the house.

    But I have a toilet in the south east part of my house. Is there any remedy to overcome this vaasthu dosha?

  34. Hi,
    I have toilet in north-east of my house. kindly suggest some remedy to overcome this vastu dosh without any construction damage.

  35. hi,
    i have toilet in north-east of my house. kindly suggest some remedy to overcome this vastu dosh without any construction damage.

  36. I have a 1 room house where I have a single bed, a computer table and a chair. There is a Kitchen and a bathroom also.

    Please suggest me to design my house in a well organized manner and to give a modern look to it.


  37. i just bought new shop and i want to decorate according to vastu shastra. it is facing north & is in rectangular shape.please suggest me what colours to use, where to put counter, and other necessary advice.

  38. hi ,
    I am planing to paint my house. its new house.
    What colours should I use in master bed room, childer bed room, kitchen and Hall.
    Please advice.
    naresh pandey


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