Should you go for life coaching?

You can live the life you always wanted.

Caricature of a coachFeeling spiritually low, or stuck in a rut, or bored with life? Not to worry. Life coaching is helping millions of people generate personal wealth, start businesses, travel abroad, and create new lives.

It’d help you too.

Who is a life coach?

A Personal Life Coach is a confidential mentor, or partner, committed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. For example, last year, I hired a life coach because I was planning to relocate to New York City and start my own copywriting business. I needed a coach who could help me chart a path and provide the support I needed to launch a successful business.

A personal coach can help clients come up with action plans to fulfil their goals while also providing the support to keep them on track, through in-person sessions, E-mail, or telephone conversations.

What Coaching Does

With the help of a personal life coach, some people have gone on to generate more wealth, start a new business, find a lover or spouse, perform better at their jobs, change careers, lose weight, or move to a new city. The list goes on.

My goal was to start a business.

There was a time when I felt spiritually down and that my life was not being used to the fullest potential. I had my health, youth and attractiveness. I had a loving family, a working car, and friends. I received a bachelor’s degree in Communications from a four-year university course, earned a decent job in the marketing department of a major New York company; I had everything going for me, but I often felt unhappy and wanted more out of life. I wanted a challenge. I saw too many people around changing their everyday lives and I wanted to make sure I was growing productively as well. I immediately sprung into action.

A couple of months after meeting my life coach Stacie on a bi-weekly basis, I moved to New York and started working as an independent freelance copywriter for ad agencies and corporate businesses. It was challenging and exciting. I loved the flexibility of being my own boss. My inner glow began to shine. I could tell I was on the right path, because everything flowed perfectly.

At times, my mind wanted to shift to slow gear and distracted me from the path, but Stacie was there to put me back on track. Once I set my plan into action, I started to feel more in-tune with myself. It was a natural high and, several months later, I began sharing some of what Stacie taught me with close friends. It was nice to see them working on their goals with strong determination.

Life coaching can help with all aspects of your life: family, career, finances, relationships, living environment, health and spirituality!

Is coaching right for you?

If you feel that your spiritual tank is low and want to connect better with the Universe, coaching is a good place to start, but, you should remember, it is a trial and error process.

Coaches generally offer an initial free consultation. You can find out intuitively if it’s a good match. If at any time during the sessions, you feel funny, do not hire that coach. Reason: this person will intimately enter your life for several months, so you want to make the right decision. Personally, I tried several before finding the best relationship with Stacie, my life coach.

A word for the wise: do not hire a coach, because you think s/he is cute. My coach just happens to be a knock-out!

Our immediate chemistry was magical and we talked for hours. We bounced creative ideas on one another and even mapped out a plan of action within the first meeting. Stacie’s energy was amazing and our connection worked especially well for me because I wanted more spirituality in my life at that point. We connected spiritually well, which breathed a new life into my soul. I discussed some of the changes I wanted to make in my life and she listened attentively.

For the first time, I felt I had a partner to help me focus on reaching my goals. Though short-termed, having a coach felt like having a personal “cheer-leader” encouraging me, at every step of the way, through phone calls, thoughtful suggestions, inspiring E-mails, and proactive meetings.

How to find life coaches

Finding a life coach is easy. With access to the Internet you virtually have the world at your fingertips. You can find coaches through Internet Search Engines, local public library, magazine articles, newspapers, or referral services. Personally, the more intention you place about wanting a coach, the more likely the right one will respond and find you.

I found Stacie while networking online through a business website. I came across an ad that read: “My friend is a new Life Coach. Recently certified by New York University, she lives locally and [is] looking for clients at an unbelievably low discounted rate, please contact her.” Once I saw “discounted rate,” I responded immediately. Stacie and I set up our first meeting later that week.

Can I afford coaching?

Some people say, “But, I can’t afford it, right now.” While some coaches, in the US, charge $200 an hour, other coaches charge $50, a small price to pay to have someone committed to help you achieve your goals. Also, some business companies pay for management coaches to support staff members.

A coach who is more expensive is not necessarily better. Also, keep in mind coaching has had a long shelf-life. Actors and singers have used coaches for decades.

So, if an up-and-coming singer, or actor, or a creative person, can hire a coach, so can you.

How healers learn to heal others

In the course of time, and with the help of a friend, I jumped on the life coaching bandwagon and began operating a personal coaching practice from my home in New York City. Yes, ironically the client became the coach. Surprisingly, more often I am finding coaches, who I consider to be healers, create more healers through coaching like me.

Life Coach and Trainer Jessica Horstman Sabatini went through a similar transformation. She was a school athletic coach and acting production manager. She lived in a nice apartment, was involved with a great guy, and all of a sudden her world came to a stop when she found her sister was diagnosed of cancer. Things suddenly went for a toss and material items lost value when she found she’s powerless – to help her sister. Soon after, she found a coach to help her cope with her distress.

After several months, Jessica started to emerge into a new woman. Life had more value and meaning. She took what she learned and started helping others to cope with life changing experiences. Instead of letting the situation paralyse her, she set forth to change the world by starting her own successful coaching practice. Today, she is more vibrant than ever before.

Imagine the effect of a coach helping you reach your maximum potential. Or, invest in your life for your best potential, which, in turn, motivates you to help others. This healing process happens each day in every part of the world.

Coach Wagon

There are different types of coaches. Find out the one you wish to seek help from.

  1. Business coach works specifically to help small business owners, franchisees, managers, and self-employed professionals leverage their time, talents and resources
  2. Dating coach practices building romance techniques in your relationship, or concentrates on finding spouse or partner
  3. Financial coach helps to create wealth. They help manifest abundance for you and your family
  4. Health/nutrition coach provides health analysis and healthy living practices. They may suggest changing certain foods in your diet that affect your mood pattern, or help treat depression
  5. Personal coach helps you become more productive and efficient, such as with time management, but s/he will also help you achieve goals in your personal life – things like confidence, grace, and empowerment

A well-balanced, satisfying and successful life for his/her client is every coach’s goal.

Seeking a coach

If you find yourself seeking change, or wanting more out of life, call a coach. It is a conscious choice to make changes in our lives, but we sometimes are not sure where to turn. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Are you having a hard time staying motivated? Are you frustrated that no one seems to be cheering you on as you reach for the stars?

The right coach can help you find your way to full growth potential. Begin to utilise your abilities and improve your life and the world around you, today. Yes, you can learn more about coaching services and how specific services can help your desires to earn more money, grow spiritually, work less and love the life you are in. If you have general questions, pricing inquiries, inspirational resources and tips, or would like more information contact a life coach on the Internet, or begin your journey with coaching assistance research at the International Coaching Federation

Did you know?

The International Coaching Federation has 151 chapters in 45 countries and is growing from strength to strength. This number, of course, does not account for the millions of coaches that practice on a daily basis without a certification in the US, or elsewhere.

Become a Personal Coach

Since personal coaching is one of the fastest growing industries, many people are deciding to practice on a part-time basis in combination with their everyday 9-5 jobs. Starting from scratch takes more than a bit of motivation, but anyone can do it, especially if you enjoy helping others. Coaching can bring a new joy in your life knowing that your services are helping to find the best potential in someone’s life.

If you think coaching is for you, set up a set of activities with a coach. Yes, coaches need coaching too. See, if you would like to begin with the following:

  • Use your intuition when searching for clients. Find resources via library, workshops, books, Internet, or friends
  • Learn to map out a 3-5 step process for coaching each client. What is your process?
  • Do you want to get certified? Prices range from Rs 2,000-Rs 75,000
  • Do you have a specific, or unique, coaching area or skill?

Incorporate your background into coaching.

Nelressa Monique
Nelressa Monique is a writer-copywriter-PR consultant. Her articles are published monthly through several news publications and online E-zines. She currently resides in Chelsea-NY, US.


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