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The right home security system can give you peace of mind

woman sitting peacefully at homeWe all want our homes to be safe. However, in introspect, is our home really safe after we leave for work, after the kids leave for school or when the family is on vacation? Is it safe when we are asleep or when grandparents are at home during the day?

Safety and security is becoming an increasingly important consideration in all aspects of our lives. A study conducted in 2010 revealed 111,296 identified cases of burglary in tier-1 cities of urban India.

It was also discovered that in most cases, if not all, victims thought their homes were secure, relying solely on padlocks and window bars.

Given the increasing risk home owners’ face, particularly in urban areas, it is prudent to think about home security, even if one lives in a condominium with a guard or in a gated community.

Reliable security systems are not just a fancy, but a vital tool that ensures your and your family’s safety.

There are certain systems and installations that can be adopted to reinforce the security of homes and apartment complexes. Conventional techniques of security such as padlocks and grills have been fairly popular, but they are also known to fail in cases of planned burglaries.

Modern technology offers hi-tech home-security systems, which apart from being useful, are also highly effective.

Here are few tips and measures that home owners can adopt to ensure safer homes.

SaaS [Security as a Service Model]

In this, there is no capital equipment investment required. All expenses are borne by the service provider and the residents pay for security on a monthly rental model. The upgradation and maintenance is taken care by the service provider.

Access control

A good access-controlled building can reduce the stress on the security guard as well. You could consider giving access only to outsourced services frequenting your building on a daily basis like the household-help, cleaner, dhobi and have MIS software that captures who entered the building and at what time.

As it always happens, the society security guard changes often. And the new guard does not know who the regular service people are. In such cases, it is his duty to call you and verify the service person’s identity.

Alternately, you can also use the access card system, which also acts as an ID card. With the help of the system, each person entering the premise can be checked without any disturbance to the resident.

CCTV with video monitoring

These systems provide a great sense of relief and peace of mind to residents. Remember, you could be in danger not only from outsiders but also insiders.

Home alarm systems

Perhaps the most widely used device for home security in India, alarm systems definitely have a place in a home security plan and are effective, if used properly.

Keep in mind these three parameters while selecting the quintessential system:

  • It must be audible enough to awaken both the residents of the apartment that has been burgled and the neighbours.
  • It must make sufficient noise to deter the intruder from going ahead with a full blown burglary
  • It should be able to intimate the home owner, private security agency or the concerned law enforcement agency of an intrusion with utmost speed and efficiency.

A good home security system not just prevents an untoward incident from happening, but knowing that you have a solid system can rely on, is a source of immense relief and peace of mind.

Anand Swaminathan is the director, Product and Solution, at Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited, Mumba.


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