“I have learnt to surrender”, says Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan has both her head and her heart in the right places. She knows what she wants, goes for it and yet has the wisdom to accept that not all things are meant to be. Excerpts from a free-wheeling chat with the 'Balan'ced girl...

Vidya BalanVidya Balan is like the ocean, active on the surface and calm and deep within. She is a sensible person, self-made and prefers not to talk much about her good deeds. Few know that she is associated with AmFar [Americans for AIDS Research] and Hale House, a home for children born with HIV and affected by drug addiction. She also involves herself with the Harvard AIDS Institute, by hosting forums and participating in events throughout the year. Vidya has learnt to achieve the fine balance between caring for others and loving oneself.

What kind of person are you?

I am friendly and love being with people close to me.

But the media thinks you are haughty.

Nobody has ever told me I am haughty, and if anyone thinks that way, it’s a misconception. It’s just that I can’t multi-task or do many things at a time. So when I’m working, which I enjoy doing immensely, I focus on it single-mindedly. At that time, to others, I appear reticent.

Moving on.You had lost a lot of weight? How do you maintain it?

I have been training with Vilayat Hussain, for a while now. He teaches me Callisthenics, a form exercise that comprises a variety of simple movements, which I do 4 – 5 times a week.

Why callisthenics?

Because it is an extremely dynamic workout that takes care of all the elements of exercise from toning and strengthening muscles to cardio—all in one. And since these exercises use my body’s own weight for resistance, I can do them anywhere.

Besides, I need to do a workout that is innovative and different; going to the gym or doing the same workout daily bores me. I have tried it all—hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga—but could never stick to any, as it got repetitive after a while. Callisthenics have kept my interest going.

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Roma Kapadia
Roma Kapadia has an English Honours Degree and is an avid reader. Her interests include travelling, styling, photography, and cooking. Her motto is to share her experiences, thoughts, beliefs and knowledge through writing, which she finds exciting and therapeutic. She lives in Mumbai.


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