GYM: A cool hang-out

Fitness is not just about being fit anymore. It is about flaunting yourself and broadening social circles too

Exercising in gymSports and films are two mediums that have been influencing people over the years. And naturally, sport stars and film stars have been the medium of influence. In the days gone by, the roles and rules of idol-worship were clearly defined. Sports stars were simple. Film stars were glamorous. Sport stars were fit. Film stars were fashionable. Sport stars were respected. Film stars were adored, and aped.

But times have changed, and how. With sport stars getting all glammed up and film stars getting fitter, there is no longer a demarcating line defining the two. It doesn’t help either, that clothing styles and hairstyles that film stars, and now sportspersons as well, sport are so fickle that they don’t stay the same long enough to start a fad their fans can follow.

So what does a person, who needs a role model to follow, do?

After much contemplation, people have decided to follow the only constant thing common between both sports and films – fitness. Since, whether it is the glimpse of the bulging biceps of your sports icon as he wipes the sweat off his brow after a hard game or the much worked for chiseled six-pack brazenly flaunted by the hottest male star, a fit body makes women swoon; men envy and whips the nation into a must-acquire-a-physique frenzy. And all thanks to the influence of sports and films, Fitness is the now latest hobby to have and the gym is the newest “cool” hangout to be spotted in and at.

The decision of which gym to join is no minor decision. In fact, it is given the same amount of importance as any major decision, like buying a house or vehicle, would be given. Many vital issues are taken into consideration. For instance, location of the gym] the crowd [is it hip and happening?] and the equipment [do they have the latest machines?] And last but not the least, the equipment and trainers. Opinions are sought and research is underway until a satisfactory conclusion is reached. Coming to a decision is further delayed, and the male: female ratio of the gym members more minutely researched [do hot guys/girls workout there?] if one is single, and looking forward to mingle. After all, the gym is now the place to be in and to be seen in.

Dressing up

And just as one would dress up in their best for hanging out at a happening place, in the same way after the gym is decided upon, shopping for a brand new fitness-wardrobe is next on the list. Enquires are set forth and options explored, about the hottest gym wear in fashion and the colour of the season. Brand names are tossed around, thrashed out and tried. “Black and blue are so passe, dahling!” is an overheard passing comment and the choice between pastels, vibrant or are fluorescent colours in this year, is fretted over. From the headband to the socks, each article has to be perfectly colour coordinated. After all, where else but the gym can you dress up in your tautest, shortest best and strut about in all your proud, pumped up glory?

Just being attired right is not good enough. The next mission is to look and smell right as well. Waterproof make-up, deodorants and perfumes are next on the list. Throw in a hair band to stylishly keep your hair away from your face and a hairbrush to comb it well after your workout is done. As, just because you are going to be sweating it out doesn’t mean you have to look the part.


The gym is also the place to catch up with old friends, make new ones and to network as well. The place to meet for lunch after the workout, is decided in between reps. Mother-in-laws and assorted other adversaries are dissected between sets. Juicy gossip is heard and exchanged amidst cardio sessions. Visiting cards are whipped out or blue toothed along with cell phone numbers and you have taken care of your social and your business networking.

And yes, people workout too.

Mayuri Sharrma
Mayuri Sharrma is a Tarot Card Reader, Columnist and Freelance Writer. Because she is already aware of what the future holds, she enjoys unwrapping the present.


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