Get a perfect 10 skin

Follow these simple habits to get the perfect score for your skin

Girl with beautiful skinOur skin is the first thing that people notice about us. Yet, we spend little time caring for it. Pampering our skin is something that we need to do on a regular basis because age is often unkind to our skin—it starts to thin as the years go by and becomes more wrinkled.

The skin also dries up as age slows down the oil-producing glands. The decrease in the number of blood vessels slowly robs our skin of its colour and glow. But there’s no need to increase your worry lines fretting over this. You can arrest all of this just by inculcating some good skin care habits.

1. Tend to your skin, regularly

We sometimes take pride in saying, “I never do anything for my skin.” Well, it’s a shame! Your skin is your biggest asset and it is important to invest some time in taking care of it—facials, spa treatments. anything that refreshes your skin.

2. Adopt a daily skin care routine

Irrespective of your skin type, cleansing, moisturising and toning/exfoliating is essential to having a good skin. Check with a dermatologist if you are in doubt about the products to use.

3. Use sun protection

Applying sunscreen before stepping out is something that should come to you without thinking. Sun protection is a must for all skin types in all climates. Use a dual protection sunscreen at least 20 minutes before venturing out. Having an oily skin is no excuse for skipping the sunscreen; today, sunscreens are available even for this skin type.

4. Make time for exercise

Exercise improves circulation and hence regular exercise is important for a healthy and glowing skin. Walking is excellent and free, so what are you waiting for?

5. Eat colourful veggies and fruits

Coloured vegetables and fruits have phytonutrients that give you an excellent mix of antioxidants that are vital for your skin. So, eat red, orange, yellow, purple, green starting today!

6. Include fibre in your diet

Fibre combats inflammation and counters ageing. Switch to high-fibre foods such as brown rice or oat bran and see the difference in your skin.

7. Throw away old products

No matter how expensive they are, do not use skin care products and cosmetics beyond their expiry date. They can cause sensitivity reactions and damage the skin.

8. Go slow on the booze

If you have to indulge in alcohol, then do so in moderation. Excessive drinking not only dulls the skin, but also ages it faster.

9. Add supplements to your diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the skin. Add flaxseeds and walnuts to your diet to get them naturally.

10. Learn to deal with stress

Stress accelerates ageing of our skin by inducing wrinkles to appear faster. Adopt relaxing techniques like meditation and yoga to heal your skin from within.

Your skin is your biggest asset. Spend a little time, smile a lot and wear it proudly as you step out looking beautiful, day after day.

Aparna Santhanam
Dr Aparna Santhanam is a cosmetic dermatologist and hair specialist. She is also a Parachute Therapie Hair expert. She has an avid interest in holistic health and fitness. She loves combining modern medicine with traditional beliefs and remedies.



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