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People join gyms for different reasons! Some do it for losing weight, some to improve their stamina and others to get a makeover! I spoke to a few people who have been working out with me in my exercise studio. They have shared their fitness stories with us. Here’s what they have to say.

Woman and man working out in gym

Dimple Kapri, 28 years

“I started working out because I used to feel like a fat pig. I have lost 14 kg in six months by eating a balanced diet and exercising with weights three times a week. Though I have lost all the excess weight, I am still working out religiously and sticking to healthy eating so that I don’t put on all the weight all over again. I workout because it makes me feel fit, energetic, and good about my body.”

Rebecca Arora, 35 years

“I have been working out for 15 years. I exercise with weights three times a week and also dance for an hour three times a week. I lost six kg over a period of time by improving my food habits. I will continue working out always to stay fit, improve my stamina, and balance my proportions. I try to stick to eating 4-5 meals a day as prescribed to me and do not believe in crash dieting. I avoid deep fried food, sweets and too many drinks. A change in the way I look and all the compliments keep me going and boost my confidence!”

Sunil Kewalramani, 31 years

“I have been working out since the age of 16. A few months back, I had a minor neck injury while working out which I did not even realise till I started getting migraines and sinus attacks. After suffering for about two months with no clue about the cause of the injury, I finally saw a physiotherapist and learned that I had been overstraining my muscles. I now realise the importance of correct posture and form during exercise. I now lift weights three times a week, and try to do a 45-minute cardio workout at least 2-3 times a week. Writing down everything I eat has helped me understand my body better. I can now figure out where those extra calories are coming from and the fact that my sugar cravings were due to stress and overwork.

Arshdeep Sahani, 29 years

“I had given up working out since the last two years and have just restarted it since I was much tied up with work and had neither time nor inclination to exercise because I used to come home at the end of the day feeling too exhausted to workout. I am now trying to follow a balanced diet by eating 4-5 healthy meals a day and doing weights for one hour thrice a week and swimming for an hour on the other three days. Earlier I used to feel lethargic all day, however since I have corrected my food habits and started with exercise, I feel more active and energetic and wake up feeling fresher than before.

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Samreedhi Goel
Samreedhi Goel is a Nutritionist and Personal trainer & fitness columnist who has been a part of the fitness industry since 1999. She has helped hundreds of people shape up, lose weight, achieve the body of their dreams, become fitter and healthier individuals and overcome chronic health problems through her fitness studio Size Wise.Her fitness columns and interviews appear on a regular basis in prestigious publications like Complete Wellbeing, Sunday Midday,, Seventeen India, Mumbai Mirror, Spice Route, The Hindu, Emirates Evening Post (Dubai) and Savvy to name a few.


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