Feng shui for your little star

Feng shui expert Anand Bhardwaj offers easy-to-implement tips to transform your child’s bedroom into a space that will foster his growth


No matter what field your child chooses, their career often depends upon how well they do in school which, in turn, depends on their concentration. Children need an environment filled with positive vibes to increase their concentration. This is where Feng shui can help. Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system about balancing the energy vibrations in and around a space, a person or an object. It gives people guidelines to generate, establish or boost sustainable positive vibrations.

A child’s room should be internally and externally aligned so that it is always filled with a healthy ambiance. Inculcating Feng shui to set up your child’s room helps to promote sound sleep and increase their overall health. As parents, you have to initiate measures to ensure positive Feng shui and teach your children how to maintain their rooms so that they can enjoy the benefits of perpetual good energy. Here, I share a few Feng shui fundamentals that can be easily applied to your child’s room.

Have a systematic layout

As per the first fundamental law of Feng shui, your child’s room should be vibrant with no clutter inside or outside. Use boxes, stylish bags and storage devices to keep the room orderly.

A person’s room is a reflection of their mindset; clutter causes lethargy and pessimistic thoughts. Therefore, you should ensure that the bed sheet, pillows, show pieces, books, shoes and other belongings are always in their respective and predetermined places. Remember, a systematic approach brings with it an orderly lifestyle; it encourages positive thinking and a creative mindset. A well-arranged room causes energy to flow. In addition, for practical reasons, if the room is systematically arranged, you save time locating objects, making life hassle-free. Encouraging your children to maintain an organised bedroom helps them to be organised in other aspects of their life.

Keep the room dust free, as dust promotes sluggish energy
Keep the room dust free, as dust promotes sluggish energy

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance

There should be no dust, waste-paper, cracked glasses, broken toys or food stuff in the room. Disarray generates chaotic energy and tends to make a room claustrophobic. Make it a point to keep the room dust-free, as dust creates sluggish energy. Rearrange things, wipe the floor, clean the bed, study table, chairs and other items to get energy free-flowing. If you can, create free space around the bed, chair, study-table and corner lamps to allow the energy to move around the room.

Face the north for a good career

As per Feng shui fundamentals, the north is the direction to enable good career prospects. Therefore, if possible, place your child’s study-table in such a way that he faces the north while studying. Facing north while making career decisions or when planning for the future increases the likelihood of making better career choices. At the same time, you should ensure that no ‘fire elements’ like red bulbs, candle-stands, gadgets and magazines are placed to the north of your child’s room or even in the north of other areas of your house, since this impedes career prospects.

Feng shui for the bed

Your child’s bed should be aligned so that his head points towards the west. If that is not possible, then the east is the second best option. There should be no open cabinets or cupboards in the room. Every storage unit should be shut and things should be properly placed in their storage space. The bed sheet should be in soothing colours like pink, purple, light orange, light blue and preferably with nursery prints. Avoid bed-sheets with prints like snakes and ladders, ludo and other games, jungle prints, horrifying designs and shades like black and dark brown. As children grow up, their choices will change too, but encourage them to use bed linen that has calming prints as this promotes good Feng shui and has a relaxing effect.

Let fresh air into the room to rejuvenate the Yang-Chi or life energy
Let fresh air into the room to rejuvenate the Yang-Chi or life energy

Promote proper air circulation

Fresh air in the room rejuvenates the life energy, called Yang-Chi in Feng shui. Opening all the doors and windows of the room is very good for circulating affirmative vibrations. If your apartment has a balcony, use it to place plants with aesthetically pleasing seasonal or perennial flowers. The blossoming flowers help to enliven your child’s frame of mind.

To reduce mustiness in the room and to enable your child to be mentally alert, use rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, lemongrass or eucalyptus scented fresheners, because they boost mood and memory.

Outside the room

Besides the room, the passage should also be free from clutter. There should be no obstacles in the way from the room to the lobby. There should be pleasing sceneries on the walls, preferably those of smiling children, playgrounds, or eminent personalities. Having pictures of famous personalities near the entrance and on the adjoining walls always bodes well and they become role models for the child to emulate. Avoid the use of pictures that could have negative connotations, like wild animals, war scenes, weeping faces and abstract paintings in this area.

Colours play a significant role

Paint you child’s room in vibrant colours and as per his choice. If you notice that your child prefers very dull colours and is more inclined towards black, gently guide him to choose bright colours. Off-white brings calmness, blue increases career prospects, purple balances energy and green encourages positive thinking. Red, maroon and orange may make him excessively hot-tempered; so if he is very keen on any of these colours, use it only on the wall in the south direction. If you want to use colours to balance the entire room with positive Feng shui, then use red on the southern wall, green on the east, blue on the north and light grey or golden or silver on the western wall. The northern wall of the room should not be painted with red colour, as this increases the fire element.

Study table

A properly placed and organised study table boosts your child’s academic progress. As mentioned previously, the study table should be clutter-free. There shouldn’t be any broken pens, unsharpened pencils, unusable books, old magazines, used rough-papers, garments, utensils and unhealthy literature on the study table. If they are there, get rid of them and clean the table.

Once the table is clean, place books that are currently in use upon the table and inside the drawers. Keeping heaps of old literature, toys, pictures and video games tends to hinder the free flow of positive Feng shui in and around the study area, while a dormant space may bring stagnation in your child’s life. Placing a symbol of the ‘Education tower’ or a miniature crystal globe on the study table helps to increase your child’s focus and fills the room with calming vibrations.

At the outset, it is you as a parent who will have to kick-start the process of boosting Feng shui in your child’s room. But once he sees the effects that a positive environment brings, he will enjoy maintaining it himself.

This was first published in the December 2014 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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Anand Bhardwaj
Anand Bhardwaj is an internationally acclaimed, highest qualified Scientific Vastu Consultant practising since 39 years. He is a researcher, author and founder Director of IIVC, New Delhi. He frequently travels around the world to provide onsite Vastu consultation to large scale Industries, businesses and corporates. He uses very advanced technology like sensors, scanners & instruments to check positive/negative vibrations.


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