Feng shui for romance

Use these feng shui tips to rekindle romance in your life


Whether you are in a relationship or you’re looking to find that soul mate, feng shui has some interesting ideas and suggestions to brighten your love life.

In feng shui, there are many ways to gain love in your life. One of the most dynamic feng shui systems is the Flying Star feng shui. In this system, when certain stars are activated or used, they help in bringing romance to your life.

There are two kinds of romance stars in flying star feng shui— #1 white star and #4 green star. In my experience, I have found that the #1 white star is effective in finding long term love. It is also helpful in improving the sex life of couples as well as reigniting the spark in a marriage that’s dying; especially if the man is the non-performing member. The #4 green star is effective for short term romances or flings. The drawback of this star is that it could attract the wrong kind of romance and you could be involved in a scandalous affair. This star, if handled appropriately, can improve the sex life of couples; especially if the female is the non-performing member.

How to use these stars

In the year of the snake, i.e. from 4th February 2013 to 4th February 2014, the annual #1 white star is located in the north and the #4 green star is visiting southeast.

The first step before activating the stars for you, would be to check for sha qis in your area. Sha qis are negative energies in the environment such as electric post, a T-junction, sharp edges of a roof and stagnant water, to name a few.

If the north side of your house has any of these negative feng shui features, then avoid activating this room. If the southeast has any of the negative feng shui features also avoid activating the room as it will increase the chances of having a scandalous romance.

Activating the romance stars

The best way to activate any star is to use the room regularly. If possible, in the year 2013, use the north or the southeast room of your house as your bedroom.

If due to space constraints you are unable to do so, then there are other ways to activate the star, however, the rules are different for couples in a committed relationship and for those who are single.

For couples

For those in a steady, long term relationship, it is essential that your bedroom and your bed position is located in your home’s romance location and your auspicious romance direction, otherwise you are bound to have problems in your marital life.

Besides following auspicious directions and locations, you could place a medium sized glass bowl of water with a few petals, preferably red or pink, in the north or southeast room. You will have to change the water whenever the petals rot or the water becomes dirty. Dirty water generally indicates a problematic love life.

For singles

If you are looking for love, you will need to put active water in the north area or room of your house. Active water could mean a fountain, an artificial water fall or any form of bubbling water. Place a small fountain in the north side or north room of your house. When you find the suitable person, you have to stop the fountain and place a medium sized glass bowl filled with water and a few flower petals [preferably red or pink]. You will have to change the water whenever dry or dirty.

It is essential to stop running the fountain once you find someone suitable, otherwise, you will keep on attracting other suitors which could create problems for you later on.

Using your home’s romance location

Every house has a romance location, the good news is that this year the romance location is effective. To know your house’s romance location [room] you have to know which direction your house or your apartment is facing. The house facing direction is generally the direction where the main road is located. For e.g. if you stand inside your house looking out and your main road is in the north [337.5 to 22.5 degrees] then you have a north facing house.

Below is a list of the romance locations for all the eight facing directions.

House facing  Degrees  Romance room
South 157.5 – 202.5 South
Southwest 202.5 – 247.5 West
West 247.5 – 292.5 Southeast
Northwest 292.5 – 337.5 East
North 337.5 – 22.5 North
Northeast 22.5 – 67.5 Northwest
East 67.5 – 112.5 Northeast
Southeast 112.5 – 157.5 Southwest

Ideally you should use this room as your bedroom. In case this is not possible, make sure you use the room frequently. If due to space constraints you are unable to use the room, then try to use your personal romance direction [refer table to the right].

A note for southeast facing houses—avoid using the southwest room as your bedroom, the 2013 annual stars in the southwest are inauspicious and you could suffer from ill health and obstacles.

Your personal romance direction

Every person is born with a personal romance direction. The personal romance direction differs from person to person. Unlike your house romance location which is confined to a specific room in your house. You can use your personal romance direction regularly—while sleeping, working, eating.

Quick steps to know your personal romance direction

To use your personal direction to your advantage, calculate your gua number first. Firstly note that the Chinese year begins on 4th/5th February on any given year. So, if you are born in January 1961, your year of birth will be taken as 1960. Then simply, add the last two digits of your birth year [reduce to a single digit] then subtract this sum from 10 if you’re a male [further reduce to a single digit] or add 5 if you’re a female [further reduce to a single digit], the final sum is your gua number.

Check the table given above to know your personal romance direction. E.g. if you are gua 4 your personal romance direction is east.

Gua No  Romance direction
1 South
2 Northwest
3 Southeast
4 East
5 [Male] Northwest
5 [Female] West
6 Southwest
7 Northeast
8 West
9 North

Once you know your personal romance direction, use it regularly to invite or maintain a happy relationship in your life. For e.g. if you are gua 1 you can use the south direction while sleeping [when you lie down on your bed, your head should be towards the south direction and your feet towards the north]; and working [when you sit down on your table you should face the south direction].

This was first published in the February 2013 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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Jayashree Bose is a feng shui, bazi [Chinese astrology], yijing consultant and writer practising in India for more than a decade. She regularly authors a series of annual feng shui books that are available on her website.


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