Feel like royalty at the Quan Spa

A visit to the Quan Spa at J W Marriott Mumbai is a royal experience

Couples Room at The Quan Spa at J W Marriott, Mumbai

Among the spas that I have had the opportunity to visit, Quan Spa stands out by far as the most exquisite. From the moment I entered the spa till the time I left, I felt as if I was transported onto another planet.

Part of the reason for feeling this way was the ambience—the elegant decor, the calming illumination, the beautiful walkway to the treatment suite—in fact, everything that led up to the actual treatment.

Feeling like a Crown prince

Although I went alone, I was escorted to the majestic couples massage room, which raised my expectations manifold. The rooms of the Quan Spa are based on a unique theme of the seven chakras of the body.

Each room is designed to vibrate to the energy of the chakra it represents, complete with the colour of the spectrum of the respective chakra.

And the couples room, emitting a soft and soothing violet colour, represents—you guessed it—the Crown chakra.

Reception at The Quan Spa at J W Marriott, Mumbai

Four steps to feeling like royalty

I took the Indoceane Spa Ritual, a four-step treatment to relieve the stress of urban life. It starts with the body scrub that is like a warm-up to the massage.

The Mediterranean Step: This step cleanses off the deep-rooted impurities that our regular cleansing routine cannot. While the skin gets cleaner, the mind gets relaxed. How I wish we could also scrub off other problems that cling to our life this way!

The Egyptian Step: The next step is the milk bath—I was left all alone in the bath tub filled with a milky liquid. In a short while, the therapist appeared with a cup of hot exotic tea, which I savoured while immersed in bath milk. After about half an hour or so, I felt I was ready for the next step—the Indian oil massage.

The Indian Step: By now I could sense that my therapist was professionally trained and knew exactly the movements, and the pressure needed for releasing the dormant aches and stresses from the muscles. This is a step I wanted to last much longer. Alas, it came to an end after about 35 – 40 minutes. But the disappointment is temporary, because soon you are treated to a heavenly body wrap.

The Chinese Step: At first, the step seems nothing spectacular—the therapist applies a certain moisturising cream all over your body. But slowly, the magic begins. While the cream nourishes your body and makes it feel soft and silky, its delicate fragrance of milky sandalwood delightfully comforts your senses. The treatment is over and you are left feeling deeply relaxed.

The therapist gently informs that you are not supposed to take a shower after this treatment. At first you wonder why. But you know the answer when, even several hours after the treatment, you smell like royalty.

The Quan Spa does make the visit worth every rupee.

Quan Spa

Quan, a Chinese word that literally means “a source of pure water” is the name Marriott has given to its spas, which draw on the restorative properties of water to offer an oasis of healing and rejuvenation. Borrowed from a language rich in symbolism and imagery, Quan also refers to all things good and pure—an auspicious word to represent a spa that seeks to provide a path to wholeness and wellbeing.

Location: J W Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai

Indoceane Spa Ritual

Aluxurious journey of vital relaxation through four different cultures in four steps

  1. Mediterranean Step: Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub
  2. Egyptian Step: Precious Milk Bath
  3. Indian Step: Oil Massage
  4. Chinese Step: Sublime Cream Wrap

Total Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Price: Rs 6,500 [Rs 13,000 for a couple]


  • Treatment: *****
  • Ambience: *****
  • Therapist: *****
  • Price: ****
Manoj Khatri
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