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Pranic healing is a holistic, no-touch therapy that endows the power to resolve a plethora of physical, emotional and mental problems

Energy pointsAll living beings have a unique energy field around them called Prana. Scientists refer to it as the “bioplasmic field”, “aura”, “etheric body” or “etheric double”. This energy, in other traditions is known as chi, ki or ruah. Typically, there are three sources of prana – air, ground and solar. Pranic healing works on the belief that the healing process can be accelerated by increasing the life force of the injured or affected part. By cleansing and energising the body with prana, the body feels revitalised and invigorated. In workshops, students are taught to consciously absorb and assimilate energy from different sources, thus making them healthy and treating others too.

Out of the 360 chakras present in the human body, pranic healing concentrates only on 11. The system staunchly believes that before rooting itself in the physical form, diseases first appear in the energy body. Any obstruction, unwarranted formation of energy or depletion hinders prana from flowing smoothly. In effect, the corresponding physical body experiences sickness. Practising pranic healing can enable one to scan these chakras, destroy the ailing energy, and revive it with sufficient prana; so healing can occur promptly. The actual method of doing it is to move the hands in a prescribed manner.

For Kaanan Shah, trained healer and instructor at the Pranic Healing Foundation, South Mumbai, this treatment is a “way of life”. She explains, “The application of pranic healing in health conditions has assisted a multitude of people worldwide to attain a better state of mind and body. In fact, even impending health problems such as diabetes can be diagnosed in advance to avoid future damages. Actually, we live in a sea of energies [ananta urja]; efficient use of these subtle energies helps in stimulating the body’s process of self-recuperation. And pranic healing teaches us to achieve exactly that. In a span of five years, I’ve successfully treated arthritis, hormonal disturbances and even seen painful deliveries turn normal. But of course, pranic healing does not aim to replace orthodox medicine; it is rather to complement it so that the healing process can be accelerated. What’s more, no prior skill or knowledge is essential to learn this therapy, so anyone inclined to learn is welcome.”

Pranic healing greatly emphasises the preventative aspect of diseases but healers often complain that patients arrive long after the disease has manifested itself.

“Cleansing is faster and much more effectual if applied in the earlier stages. If one allows the diseased energy to mature, the resultant effect will be dirty, sticky aura which will indefinitely harm the physical body” opines Kaanan.

Pranic healing is known to deal with diseases such as asthma, muscular skeletal problems, heart sickness, migraine, gastrointestinal ailments and stress-related disorders.

Amazingly, the Pranic Distance Healing method allows the curer to treat patients who are not physically present in the room. Yes, distant healing – healing someone who is in another city or country is also possible! This treatment is no less effective and the parameters that need to be followed remain the same.

Another significant aspect of pranic healing is the Twin Hearts Technique. Astoundingly simple, yet renowned for its integrated advanced medication procedure, it is based on the activation of the heart and the crown chakras. It assists in achieving illumination or “universal consciousness” by blessing the earth with unconditional love, peace and joy. Blessing the earth with prayers leads to inner peace and calm unparalleled by any other.

Prolonged concentration on mantras like Om and Amen too stimulate awareness and enhance healing powers. A wholesome personality, healthier body, brighter and well-balanced chakras along with serenity and organised mental faculties is what is achieved by practising this meditation regularly.

Thanks to augmented advantages, pranic healing is currently taught to doctors, nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, homemakers, chiropractors, engineers, students and individuals from all walks of life. Numerous courses are offered in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai as well as other cities. With so much happening, India is soon bound to become a major hotspot of Pranic healers and the Grand Master’s dream “A pranic healer in every home” will finally be true.

However, to the layman, pranic healing could conjure images of Reiki. But, of course, there is a sea of difference. Pranic healing stresses greatly on cleansing before the energising aspect. Healers are of the opinion that energising without first cleansing is like pouring water on a ducks back; it simply won’t reap results. A plethora of healers affirm that the new millennium will witness a descent of tremendous spiritual energies with India as a crucial point. Pranic healing can aid people in dealing with these energies and help them grow and comprehend better. A touch of prana can certainly heal your heart and soul like none other!

Benefits of Pranic Healing

  • Increased stamina, strength, joy, enhanced interpersonal skills.
  • Bowel movements, constipation, headaches, toothaches, muscle pains can be nursed back to health in just two hours!
  • Illnesses related to the eyes, liver, kidney, and heart can be restored to health in only a few months.
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome [PMS] and excruciatingly painful periods can also be dealt in an effective manner.
  • Apart from treating cough and colds, parents can succeed in bringing down the temperature of their children suffering from high fever.
  • Depression, stress, phobias as well as addictions related to drugs, alcohol and smoking can be treated as well.

History of Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is an esoteric science, rediscovered, refined and amalgamated into an innovative format by an extraordinary man named Choa kok Sui. A Manila-based Roman Catholic businessman of Chinese descent, the Grand Master was a successful chemical engineer, philanthropist, globetrotter and avid author.

He still remains the world’s foremost authority on Pranic Healing and Arahatic Yoga. Furthermore, he also leads “The Institute of Inner Studies” and “The World Pranic Healing Foundation” in Manila.

Having spent more than 25 years of his life in research of several profound sciences, he finally came up with an inimitable system named “Pranic Healing” which would help thousands combat many deadly ailments.

He explored ancient textbooks with intensity, prudence, and careful comprehension in association with modern doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, healers and clairvoyants. Additionally, his unflinching efforts have ensured worldwide consistency of all courses taught. Hence, it is hardly a surprise that a technique so well-packaged and structured is spotted in more than 85 countries globally today.

A holistic, no-touch therapy that endows the power to resolve a plethora of physical, emotional and mental problems is what this technique is all about. Based on the principle that the human body is a self-repairing entity, pranic healing, coined from the term “life energy”, is mysterious, yet simple and effective.

Nargis Namazi
Nargis Namazi is a Mumbai-based writer whose writing interests cut across an array of subjects including health, travel and relationships. She writes articles for various online as well as print publications on travel destinations, lifestyle, women's related issues and spirituality.


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