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You don’t need the latest designer outfit or drop-dead gorgeous looks to enhance your magnetism


As an ambitious youngster, I spent a considerable number of years learning how to be a better salesman, marketing professional and dynamic leader. I enrolled  in public speaking courses, read books on body language, communication skills, face reading and mind control methods. My gurus were Lee Iacocca, Philip Kotler and Wayne W Dyer.

And then I got involved with yoga, spirituality and finally Kundalini Yoga. While practising Kundalini Yoga I came to one major conclusion, “If your presence does not work for you, nothing will.” You can have a room with three people in it. Someone walks in, nobody notices him. Or you can have a room with a 1000 people in it and one person walks in, and everyone stops what they are doing to look at this person. What do you think is the difference?

It is the calibre of the person.

When you walk into a room, your aura and your energy field is instantly recognised by every soul in that room. Every one of those souls knows exactly what you are all about. The people in whose body those souls reside may not know it but their souls do.

Haven’t you regretted a relationship or a business deal with someone and told yourself, “Oh, I had a gut feeling about not doing business with him and I should have listened to it.” That was your soul talking to you and telling you what it read about the energy of the other person.

So, all those years that I spent trying to ‘learn’ things to better my business skills were a waste of my time. Whether you want to impress your boss, your girlfriend or people around you in general, you should know that all of that is possible if you understand the meaning of calibre. Perfecting your calibre not only attracts people to you but also brings abundance, bliss and joy into your life.

We all have an aura—a magnetic field. Our actions determine whether this field will expand with time and keep expanding or it will shrink down to the bare minimum on account of those actions.

There are six fundamental truths to expanding your magnetism:


Living an honest life, not lying to anyone, not cheating anyone and never coveting what does not belong to you, expands your aura. Every time you cheat someone or grab something that is not yours, it shrinks your magnetic field.


When you look at another soul, what are your thoughts? If you feel you are superior or are condescending to them, hurt their feelings out of your pride, you automatically shrink your aura. Being humble and living with grace is one of the most powerful ways to expand your aura.


When you meet someone, do you want something out of him or her? When you advise a client, do you have their interest at heart or do you just want to squeeze them off their money? When you say I love you to your loved one, are you being authentic or are you expecting something in exchange? You wear your agenda on your sleeve. Souls around you sense your intention and are immediately repulsed with ulterior motives and shenanigans. Having pure and clean intentions attracts positive energies and gives a big boost to your magnetic field.


You don’t really need to shell out a lot of money to thank someone. When you feel gratitude for someone’s actions deeply from within your heart, it is more than enough. Even if that person is not looking at you or even near you, your soul’s expression of gratefulness creates a wave that reaches that person and is registered with their soul. This flow of grateful energy is expansive and beautiful.


This one’s definitely the most powerful. When you have love flowing out from your heart, your soul soars high; almost as if you are levitating. With compassion you heal yourself, cleanse your chakras and purify your soul. This expansion of energy is so powerful that it attracts anything that you wish for or need. Your aura shines and your skin radiates with the glow of love and kindness. Loving is the ultimate booster for our magnetic fields.


Wisdom is not gained from reading self-help books and listening to get-rich-quick audios. Wisdom comes from just knowing the stillness, the silence of your soul. It comes from understanding the texture of your soul and the purpose of your life. The ability to see the simplicity in complexity of life, and bliss even in the pain—that is true wisdom. The wisdom of being in a state of Zen comes from always being in bliss, peace, harmony.

When you adhere to the six truths, you live a life that is continuously evolving, growing and you keep climbing up the spiritual ladder. This adds to your calibre, your charisma, and when people see you they understand the meaning of the phrase “If your presence does not work for you, nothing will.”

The author is a kundalini yoga teacher and founder of

This was first published in the January 2015 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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