Chromotherapy: Colourful healing

Chromotherapy, an alternate method of treatment, uses colours to cure diseases of the mind and body

woman undergoing chromotherapyThe universe is basically colourless. It gets its light from the electromagnetic radiations of the sun. When this sunlight is passed through the prism, it is divided into seven colours—violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Each of these colours has a different frequency and can be used to cure various health complications.

Understanding colours

The colour green forms the mid-point of this range of colours. It has been found that the colours to the left of green [violet, indigo, blue] are cooling in nature and the colours to the right of green [yellow, orange, red] are hot in nature.

Below the colour red, infrared and radio waves are placed whereas above the colour violet, x-rays and gamma rays are found. We know the use of gamma rays, x-Rays, infrared and radio waves.

Chromotherapy is a scientific concept that helps us understand the therapeutic applications of the other seven colours.

Get to the core

The core philosophy of chromotherapy is balancing of colours by use of intensity and frequency of radiations for treating ailments. It is used to balance energy wherever the body lacks it— be it in the physical, mental or spiritual aspects. Every human being possess an aura—an envelope of energy that covers the entire body. In case of diseases there are depressions in the aura. Chromotherapy helps correct these depressions by balancing the aura back in proportion.

The primary colours

Blue, green and red are primary colours and are found in the body in proper proportions. Any imbalance/deficiency of these colours leads to disease. In such cases, if the person is exposed to proper doses of these colours, the ailment could be cured.

Research has found that liquids, particularly water or oil, can be used as a medium for infusing these colours into the body. For this, water or oil is kept in a bottle that is blue/green/red in colour. The bottle is then exposed to sunlight or the light of a bulb. This charges the liquid with that colour and when this charged liquid is introduced into the body of the person deficient in that particular colour, his/her ailments get relieved.

As such there is no restriction for people wanting to try this form of treatment. However s/he must have faith in the method as that effects the process of treatment to a great extent.

Colour cures

There are some basic ways by which you can incorporate these therapeutic colours into your body. They are:

  1. Exposure to light. The coloured light is concentrated over the affected part of the body; this is beneficial for alleviating the disease.
  2. Solarised water. Take water in a bottle of the particular colour. If the bottle of that colour is not available, cover the bottle with a coloured paper through which the rays can pass. Expose the bottle to the sun for at least four hours to charge the water with the vibration energy of the particular colour. The longer the water is exposed to the sun, the stronger is its potency. Drink this water at regular intervals. Solarisation depends on the temperature and geographical location of the day.
  3. Solarised oil. Take oil in a bottle in the same way as water [explained above] and expose it to the sun at least for three weeks, as oil takes longer to charge. The charged oil then can be used for massaging the effected areas.
  4. Colour tratak. Put a piece of paper/cloth about three feet away at eye level and focus on it for at least five minutes. Feel that the intensity of this colour is reaching the organ to be treated.
  5. Colour breathing. It is a virtual breathing system, which is done like auto-suggestions. You have to think that you are inhaling a particular colour and exhaling another colour. It works again on the belief system. It can be done as explained below:
  • Sit comfortably in a quiet place. Breathe regularly and in a stable manner.
  • Take a long breath, imagining the colour you want to take in [based on your ailment] and visualise that you have been engulfed with the particular colour.
  • Now visualise that you are taking that colour inside to the organ that needs treatment. [Colours red, yellow and orange are to be visualised being taken inside the body through soles of the feet for 2 – 5 minutes. Colour green is to be visualised coming in from the naval in a horizontal plane for one minute.]
  • When you inhale the relevant colour, you need to exhale its complementary colour. The complementary colours are Red-Turquoise, Yellow-Violet, Green-Magenta, Blue-Orange, Gold-Indigo.
  • Finally, visualise that you are being engulfed with white colour again and slowly come out of your meditation. Open your eyes.
  • Do this regularly for 21 days.

Chromotherapy treatment takes time. Since it has no side effects, it can also be used as a supportive treatment along with the main course of treatment advised by your doctor.

Common cures

  • Red: Skin problems, anaemia, lack of appetite [along with yellow colour], impotence [water], excess weight [along with green light].
  • Blue: Ulcers, inflammation, throat and back problems, piles, less weight, insomnia and fever.
  • Green: Heart problems, cancer, arthritis, stomach problems [along with yellow colour], high blood pressure [along with blue oil on the head], thyroid, diarrhoea, worms, fistula [along with orange oil], pimples [along with orange oil], gas, diabetes [along with orange water], bronchitis, red eyes.
  • Yellow: Muscle pain, gallstone, asthma, stomach problems [along with green colour], and lack of appetite [along with red colour].
  • Orange: Thyroid, pimples, fistulas, diabetes [all along with green colour].
  • Violet: Mental and memory problems.
Ashutosh Karnatak
Ashutosh Karnatak is a practioner of chromotherapy and astro-sciences. He is a motivational speaker, and author of three books. He also writes columns on the subject in various newspapers.


  1. its nice to see such an informative post..i believe in colour n their powers..i was havin pimples problem but now i think it would be easy solved..inshaAllah


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