8 skin sins

Silly gaffes can completely ruin your skin-care routine, besides denying you that perfect look you aspire for

Taking care of skinWomen generally take a lot of time to dress up. They make sure everything is perfect – proper attire, perfect make-up, matching shoes and even a matching purse to go with. They know that one small blunder can spoil the entire look. Similarly, they love to take extra care of their skin. But, one silly gaffe can ruin it all.

Let us discuss eight such common, but unintentional, mistakes in skin-care that many women make –

  • Using soap is the most common mistake. Switch to a gentle cleanser instead. Soap completely dehydrates the skin. It strips it of all natural oils that are essential for healthy and supple skin. Soap is like detergent. It’s advisable not to wash the face than to use soap.
  • Most women have a morning routine but skip the night time, where as it is more important to sleep with a clean face. Even if you are not wearing make-up, you must clean your face before going to bed. Cleansing and toning is the best thing to do every night before you go to sleep. It is good to wash your face more than once, especially if you are going out again. But, remember to apply your cream/sunscreen after wash. People with acne problem are generally recommended to keep their face clean. However, remember excess of any thing is bad; excessive washing can make your skin dry and dull.
  • The skin around the eye is very thin and delicate, and needs extra care. Yet, most women avoid using eye creams. The eye area is the first part of the face that shows aging and so, using an eye cream is important. Splurge on a good eye cream and use it every morning and night. Products specifically formulated for the area around your eyes give you more nutrients than your regular moisturiser. Look for something lightweight. Avoid eye creams that are too greasy, they may cause puffiness.
  • Drink water. Water is actually a beauty secret. This natural solvent actually helps dissolve your skin problems from the inside out. It plumps the skin and helps circulation. You should drink enough water so that you are never actually thirsty. Refrain from sodas and other aerated drinks as they dehydrate your skin.
  • A general myth is that people who stay indoors do not need sunscreen. Wear a sun block with natural filters everyday to protect your skin from premature wrinkling, age spots and a leathery texture.
  • While buying your skin-care products, keep the requirement of you skin in mind. Do not buy products just because your friend liked it, or because it has an impressive advertisement, or you like the smell. Buy products for your skin type. If you have oily skin, do not buy anti-wrinkle creams. { Choose products with essential oils over those with mineral oils, as essential oils give better penetration.
  • Another common mistake made by women with acne is pricking their pimples. Pricking may give a temporary relief but can lead to a permanent scar. It can also spread the infection. Also avoid scrubbing over the pimples. Scrubbing leads to spreading of the infection to other parts of the skin.

These are little things that we all generally know but forget to follow. But, they do make a difference and help you get a healthy and glowing skin.

Skin-care tips for men

Gone are the days when beauty and good looks were only associated with women. Nowadays, the modern man has to work equally hard on beautifying himself. Here are some tips to help him do so –

  • One of the best things men can do for their skin is to keep it clean. Washing the face twice a day keeps skin healthier and vibrant. This tip sounds simple, but is something that most men tend to forget or maybe simply ignore.
  • Just like women, men also have acne. But, to convince them to use mud packs takes a lot more effort. By the time they are convinced the problem gets aggravated. Also, pricking of acne is more common in men than in women. Many a time acne gets pricked due to shaving. In that case, they should clean their razors well and use a disinfector.
  • Men with acne should use a gel-based shaving cream, an oil-free face wash and an alcohol-free aftershave. They need to check their dandruff as that can also aggravate acne.
  • If you have oily skin at 16 does not mean you will still have oily skin at 60. Your skin type changes due to age, hormones, sun exposure and weather. So, having an oily skin does not mean you would never need to use anti-wrinkle creams. You might need them much later than your other friends, but you still need to watch out for those fine lines.
  • It is essential for men to know their skin type and use skin-care products that only suit them.
  • Men are also not very comfortable using sunscreens. However, the truth is that men need sunscreens more than women. This is because they comparatively spend more time out in the sun. Sunscreens protect the skin from the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancers and allergies.
  • Men usually tend to ignore their hands and feet. Use a hand cream and a foot cream at least twice a day.
  • Another very important skin-care routine that men must follow is to regularly tone and moisturise the face. This not only firms the skin but makes it soft and supple.
  • Once in a while, men should pamper themselves with a good facial, pedicure or manicure.
  • Take multi-vitamins or other health supplements [if only recommened by the doctor]. This will help overcome the nutrient deficiencies caused by improper eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Last but not the least, eating a balanced diet and staying active have a vital role in keeping the skin looking more youthful and healthier.
Rittu Kumar
Rittu Kumar is the Technical Director - Skin Care at Brushman India Limited.


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