4 big myths about divorce that will surprise you

No matter what the reason for a divorce or a break-up, you are never really prepared for how life will be after it's over. We bust some common myths

Man and woman walking in different directions

Whether separating, divorcing or breaking up, you are all moving towards the same thing: ending a relationship. No matter who initiated it, there are a lot of expectations that come along with that, and many myths about how life will be on the other side. Here are four misconceptions that many people are surprised by when they realise things aren’t how they expected them to be.

Myth number one

Once you are divorced, you will get along with your partner

Many people expect that their ex will suddenly understand them or respond to them the way they always wanted them to. That is far from true. The fact is that you got divorced because you couldn’t get along and make it work in the first place. Ending your marriage or your relationship won’t change that. The reality is that the anger that led to your divorce can get more intense during the process, making your interactions even more heated. In fact, taking the steps towards ending your union can turn into a continuation of sharing exactly the same feelings you did in your marriage, but you are now attached to different and often more difficult issues. Try to keep in mind that your relationship status has changed but the person you were with in that relationship hasn’t. They will continue to act in the way they always did.

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A version of this article was first published in the February 2014 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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