The three simple truths that turned around my life and brought me joy

A prosperity coach reveals the three truths that helped him manifest his desires

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I wish life were easier… In 2005 I hit rock bottom. Well, at least I thought I so.

I was in a job I hated, doing work I hated and in a 60-minute daily commute I hated. My life was headed in the wrong direction—that was for sure. I knew I had potential, that I could really do great things, manifest happiness in my life and impact the world—but… sometimes knowing is not enough.

Financially I was secure.  I had a good, paying job and so did my wife. But, boy was I ever unhappy.

I felt that something was missing… but if I only knew what. I needed to make some changes BIG TIME, so I started with the obvious.

I had always dreamed of having a Sports car.  I love speed. So I bought a Nissan 350Z with 287HP—all muscle. The car was great and I loved it, but it was only a temporary patch. It felt nice to drive the car, but something bigger was still missing.

I thought the car would make me happy. It didn’t.


Anytime you rely on the outside world to make you happy, you are working with a temporary solution. Do this often enough and you create a belief system—what I call the chasing mentality—chasing after the things you want to have because you think they will make you happy.

I kept the Nissan 305Z for a few years. I drove it and enjoyed it, but it knew it wasn’t part of my end game.

I realised there must be something else, but what?

That led to an important question—a sort of mantra that played in my head as I kept searching for happiness…

“What are you passionate about and what do you want to do with your life?”

The more I asked this question, the better life got. So I kept asking in the hope of finding something better.

Then I got an idea… an idea that scared and excited me at the same time… I thought, “Why not create my very own coaching business and do it full time?”

I decided to act on the idea. I still remember the day. I was terrified. I walked right into the CEO’s office and told him that I was going to resign and start my own coaching business. I told him I was passionate about coaching and that I was also writing my very own blog.

What happened next floored me.

He gave me a big hug and congratulated me! He even did one better. He said, “Steve, if you want we’ll hire you back as a consultant after your last day as a full time employee—from that point forward you can work part-time as a consultant until you get your business up and running.”

What a shock! I was elated… I was going to pursue my dream and be able to take care of my family.

It was as if I had this magic wand and whenever I wanted something, I would just act on my ideas and the wand would wave its magic. I was so happy. Life was good.


When you get an idea—act! Don’t delay. The Universe loves speed. Release ideas such as, “I already know that” or “this won’t lead to anything” from your mind. Just move towards your goals and your goals will move towards you.

I wish this was a fairy-tale ending, but it’s not. The next 16 months tells the story of my greatest struggle and my greatest lesson on my search for happiness. As I was learning and trying to figure out how to make a good income from my coaching business, I hit another bleak reality.

It was a Friday afternoon in Toronto, 16 months after quitting my job and I went to review my bank statements for the first time in months…

  • Money Going Out Each Month = $6,000
  • Money Coming In Each Month = $3,000

Our situation seemed hopeless. I was completely broke and going even more broke by the minute.

Then the breakthrough moment came. My moment of realisation: I need to be financially responsible for my family and I need to do whatever it takes.

I need to do that now!

So that’s what I did. But my focus was not on the money. It was on making a contribution and giving openly. As I started to put my focus on others and what I could do to help them, I started to manifest some magical things—money and fabulous opportunities—so I kept waiving my wand.

Within a 16 Month Period…

  • I went from earning $1,000 monthly to $10,000 monthly
  • I moved from a 1,600 sq ft home into a beautiful 3100 sq ft home
  • I became financially responsible
  • I started to have more fun and feel really good about what I was doing

And most importantly—for the first time in my life—I felt I was living life on my terms. That life was up to me.


When you contribute you come alive. Contribution is the essence of your soul. When you contribute, you unlock Godly forces that bring a whirlwind of treasure back to you. Give openly and often.

The truth is that you are the change you want to see and you can create whatever you want. If you want to be happy, you can create that too.

My purpose is this—to remind you that you are the co-creator. You are the wizard. You are the magician. You are the painter. You are the Picasso of your life. It’s all you.

A version of this was first published in the October 2013 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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Steve Martile
Steve Martile is the most sought after prosperity coach in the human potential and self-help community. He is famous for his 7-day manifestation experiment, which has helped countless people from all ages and backgrounds generate thousands of dollars in income through intention manifestation without motivation or the use of positive thinking.


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