The 10-step approach to creating the reality you desire

Don’t be so wound up in who you are that you fail to see what you can become

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Introduction: Laws of Attractions vs Laws of Creation

The Laws of Attraction are concerned with how to draw close the things that you value and wish to acquire. This is achieved by forming the image of what you want, then attracting that within your reality. If what you want doesn’t already exist, you either need to create it or wait for someone else to do so.

The Laws of Creation are not about attracting what you want, but rather creating through desires, imagination, expectation, belief, persistence and energy the things that you wish to exist within your life.

Humans throughout the ages have created everything that can be observed within today’s physical world. Inventors, explorers, artist, architects, and others have created within reality what previously didn’t exist by using their knowledge of the Laws of Creation.

If you don’t create your future, fate will

The Laws of Creation or The Laws of Attraction are both vulnerable to procrastination, weak desires, lack of perseverance and the inability to maintain focus until what is desired is achieved. Many give up because what they wanted hasn’t been obtained within the limited time-frame they imagined. This could be due to lack of programming or not persevering long enough until what they want becomes real.

As the creator of your own perceived reality, your actions, thoughts, beliefs, and your mental and physical health, all contribute towards what you finally experience and perceive. If you don’t spend the time and the energy to create the future then fate will do that for you.

When you create the future you have choices but when fate creates your future you have to accept what comes your way almost unconditionally, at least initially.

What you accept, you experience

What you are prepared to accept is what you usually end up experiencing. Making no attempt to change or manage what is occurring means that you accept that such a state has the legitimate right to exist within your reality.

Creation is not only about bringing what you want into your life but also controlling what you wish to accept or reject. When things don’t go right, when undesirable situations get legitimacy within your life experience, the sole reason for their continued existence is that you didn’t negate or change them.

Your abilities are infinite, beyond comprehension, being limited only by your potential to perceive the possibility for success. All that is necessary are the desires, belief, expectancy, focus and perseverance, together with the application of the necessary energy levels to achieve your heart’s desires.

Testing the limits of your potential

It is important to wake up to the reality that there is no necessity for anything to be difficult, and that with the right mentality, everything does indeed become possible. Don’t be a “creation” of circumstances, challenge who you can be.

Readily accepting what has become the current condition, or surrendering to fate without even considering or testing the limits of the potential that could exist is how most people live their lives—this is a completely unnecessary state to endure.

Without searching for and pushing the boundaries of reality, the full potential of what can be achieved will never truly emerge; what is currently experienced will always be the basis of your ultimate reality. Only by testing the limits of potential is it possible to maximize life’s experience to the full.

Creating your own reality

Reality is based solely upon desires that are given perspective through imagination, and then the credibility to be brought to life by your firm belief in them. You create life from the pieces of reality that you bring together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Every moment is an opportunity to create what you desire most—by clearly focusing your imagination on what you want first, then through expectancy backed by belief to make desires legitimate.

You create each moment from the massive number of thoughts that you have, either consciously or subconsciously. Some experiences come to dominate your life, while others are fleeting in their ability to have an effect, yet they all contribute on some level towards your reality. The remainder of reality is either created by others or randomly by fate.

By taking full control of your thoughts, it becomes possible to take back the management of each element of your entire life, which can then be controlled as you specifically desire—outside the influence and manipulation of others or by chance.

The path that you create or follow does become the story of your life.

Knowing what you really want is important

Many are deluded into desiring various things that are basically just passing fantasies. There is a common trend to constantly shift desires, which change depending upon a particular infatuation at the time. Very few people stop to think clearly about what they “really” want or need, then put all their energy into pursuing that vigorously.

The decisions as to what you wish to pursue in life is your right; you should pursue those desires relentlessly until they become part of your life. Challenge the future by making changes that will come to enrich your life.

The 10-step approach to creating the reality you desire

The five pillars of creation are: imagination, clearly defined desires, positive expectations, belief, and persistence. Combining these elements of thought you are able to create in reality the things that you truly desire.

Reality is born through your imagination, which is crystallized into form by your desires, given impetus by your expectations, and made real through your beliefs. You create life from the pieces of reality that you bring together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Let’s look at each step:

Step 1: The objective

An important factor is to identify clear and precise details of what exactly you want, then to hold that image with a strong desire. Focus only on one specific desire at a time.

Step 2: Imagination

Utilizing the powerful combination of intuitive thoughts linked with creative inspiration, determine “all” the various elements that make up what you want. Remember to be thorough, for whatever is left out, fate or chance will fill in randomly. These elements are the main points to focus the imagination upon. What you seek cannot be drawn to you or brought into existence until you define it clearly.

Step 3: Desire

The energy of your desires set the stage for the potential you can attain. Desires are the basis of making things possible; to bring your thoughts into reality more clearly and precisely. Strongly desire what you want to be yours; drawing it to you with a focused intent.

Step 4: Visualization

Visualize in great detail the factors making up what you desire, then focus on those images intently, keeping the desire fixed and unchanged until what you desire actually becomes yours.

In order to gain the full benefit of what you wish to obtain or achieve, it is necessary to visualize your desires as existing in the current time and place—as if it has happened or is happening here and now.

Step 5: Belief

Your beliefs give legitimacy to your desires. The key to attracting or creating anything is by believing it to be yours, living your dream and playing the part like it can, in fact, become real.

Belief is what enables you to perceive in your mind’s eye what you desire. How quickly your desires materialize will always depend upon the intensity of your beliefs and your keen perception.

Step 6: Expectancy

Your expectations govern how your life will turn out. Have a strong expectation that what you want will become real within your reality; expectancy gives your desires energy to manifest within a reasonable time period.

Step 7: Perseverance

Persistent effort is required to keep focus upon what is desired until it is actually achieved. Don’t give up. Without changing the key elements you can embellish the various elements you isolated with more detail. Then continue the focused intent on the desire until what you want is achieved.

Many find they can’t hold the desire long enough, losing focus or changing their direction continually when what they desire doesn’t materialize immediately.

Step 8: Effort

Nothing was ever achieved without effort, both physical and mental. Determine whatever you need to do in order to create what you want within reality. And be willing to do whatever it takes.

Step 9: Dreams

Fortify your desires with dream planning. Think intently about your desire and what you wish to become real within your life. Prior to sleep follow the steps of imagining exactly what you want, together with a strong focus of desire, believe the desire is achievable, and expecting that what is desired will be yours for sure. It is ideal to cycle through the imagining, desiring, believing and expecting stages a number of times.

Step 10: The Meditation

Everyone has a favorite method for achieving a meditative state, these techniques can be quite fast, or be elaborate and take time. Meditation, when used proficiently, with suitable supervision can empower the ability to create within reality. As with dreams, focus your attention during a meditative state upon imagining exactly what you want, placing a strong focus of desire on obtaining what you want or wish to achieve, believe the desire is achievable, and expect that your desire will manifest without fail.

Learning to drive your experiences

Belief in the outcome is the fuel that drives reality

I took part in a speech contest against a number of professionals who were far better and experienced speakers than I was at the time. A few days before the event, I started imagining taking part in the contest, focusing in detail that everything would go perfectly. I imagined actually winning the contest, and visualized receiving the award. I won against all odds, surprising others and beating the favorite who had won many years in succession.

If you don’t decide exactly what you want fate will step in to rule your life

There was a man who desired a red sports car. Every day he imagined this car parked in his driveway, diligently. One morning he opened the living room curtains to find a red sports car in his driveway as if by magic. Rushing outside he met his neighbor who was very apologetic for parking his new car in the wrong driveway as there was no space in his own.

On analysis the man had gotten exactly what he wanted, simply a red sports car in his driveway. He had forgotten to add into the imagining the desire, the belief, the expectancy, that it was paid for, but most importantly that the car would belong solely to him.

Reinventing your reality

It is the combination of imagining every detail with a strong unending focus of desire, together with the belief that what you want is already yours—not will be or maybe—but already is yours; this is what will make your desires manifest within your reality more easily.

You have the sole responsibility for what happens to you in life, and are limited only by the unwillingness to take action.

Conclusion: See what you can become

The future will either be what you want, what others want, or what fate throws your way. Only by fixing your destiny clearly in your mind will you be able to achieve your dreams and life desires. Life will only give you what you demand, and then pursue.

The cost of anything is what you are prepared to do in order to achieve it. Don’t be a creation of circumstances, challenge who you can become. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that exist for you by harnessing the powers of creation within you to make a life you truly deserve.

Don’t be so wound up in who you are that you fail to see what you can become.

This article first appeared in the March 2016 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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