10 non-secrets to happiness

10 simple tips to keep the sunshine in your life

10 non-secrets to happinessThe only way to happiness is to look within you. Here are a few tools that may help you find your way. Think of them as a Happiness GPS [global positioning system].

  1. Be easily amused. People who laugh and smile are happier—and usually live longer – than people who lack a sense of humour.
  2. Don’t dwell on the negative. If there’s something wrong, accept it and move through it. Ruminating about how bad life is won’t help, and can lead to depression. If you can’t stop the thoughts, consult a professional.
  3. Trust that your life has meaning. If it doesn’t, or you can’t find any at the moment, act as if you have it, until you stumble on what really floats your boat.
  4. Do something nice for yourself. It doesn’t have to cost money or be a big deal. Sometimes just watching the sunset and letting the world go by can be very healing for the soul.
  5. Always have something with you to read. This way, you’ll never be bored or waste time. When you read, you are both relaxing and learning.
  6. Do something for someone, without expecting anything in return. Help an old lady get her shopping bags into the car. Help someone stuck for parking space. These may seem like insignificant little things, but think how you would feel if someone were similarly helpful to you or someone you love.
  7. Eat something you love to eat, at least once a week. Depravation is depressing. Even if it means you have to spend an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill, eat that chocolate cake, if it can be the reason for your bliss.
  8. Get outside and appreciate your environment. Sunlight and fresh air are now being touted as ways to prevent certain types of cancer. The healthiest thing you can do for yourself, emotionally and physically, is to simply take a walk.
  9. Giving love and understanding is the first step in receiving it. This is one of the oldest and wisest pieces of truth on earth. Giving away what you want, is a great way to get what you really need.
  10. Always have a goal. Happiness comes from moving towards what you want, not from going away from it. Any time you achieve a dream, you need to replace it. Make sure you always have something to look forward to.

Remember that happiness is not constant. Some people think that if they’re not feeling happy, something is wrong. The real truth is that happiness is usually found somewhere off the beaten path – between the fantasy overpass and the reality off-ramp.

Barton Goldsmith
Dr Barton Goldsmith, PhD, an award-winning and highly sought-after keynote speaker, business consultant and internationally syndicated author, has helped develop creative and balanced leadership in several Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and government organisations worldwide. He lives in California, USA.


  1. I liked the title changinglives and logged on to it. i found this 10 non secrets to happiness v. practical. Even though we know them, we tend to forget.
    I am sure to remember n keep reminding myself till I start practicing on a daily basis.

  2. Just read 10-non secrets to happiness – extemely interesting , thought provoking, and could be applied quite easily. 10 simple rules…. and i think thats what they are simple rules — not very difficult to put into practice, but maybe they are so simple that we forget to use them in daily life.. well keep smiling theres always hope… and heres to ‘stumbling on what really floats your boat’


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