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P V Vaidyanathan
Dr P V Vaidyanathan, MD, DCH, is a Mumbai-based paediatrician in private practice, hobbyist writer, and author of a book on childhood stress management.

Know your child’s sleep

How much sleep is enough for my six-year-old?

Colic in Children

Colic is a temporary, harmless, self-limiting condition in children and has no definitive cure

Flashes of Insanity

Among the many things we keep piling up in our daily fast-forward lives, we include stress and tension too. Let go of it before it turns disastrous

Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

Children throw tantrums as a way of expressing anger and frustration. Parents need to understand the needs and deficiencies of the child to help them deal with their emotions

Infections may be good for children

Studies have proved that infections in children might be beneficial in developing their immune power

Sleep apnoea: It Takes Your Breath Away

Sleep apnoea [apnea] is temporary stoppage of breathing in sleep. It can cause health problems

10 childhood myths

There are misconceptions and myths galore that parents carry in their minds

Awake at Night?

The inability to fall asleep is on the rise everywhere