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Deepshikha Agarwal
Deepshikha Agarwal is a Mumbai-based dietician and sports nutritionist. She writes nutrition-related columns in newspapers and conducts corporate workshops. She also teaches and conducts lectures on diet and wellness isues.

Pregnancy problems? That’s “expected”!

The secret to a happy pregnancy lies in understanding the changes taking place in the body and modifying your lifestyle accordingly

Thirsty? Eat these…

Drinking water to hydrate yourself is an old formula, here's a list of foods that hydrate you

6 weight loss myths

Here are a few myths you should consider, if you plan to go on a weight loss programme.

Increase calcium intake

What foods should I include in my diet to increase my calcium intake?

Energise your workout

Replenish your body with adequate nutrients that are lost after a workout for optimum performance

Herbal teas: a way to health

Tea is the second most consumed potable liquid in the world, playing second fiddle only to water. It is in almost every culture, and there are more than thousands of varieties

Supplements, not replacements

Health drinks are valuable supplements to the usual diet, especially for the elderly and children

Hypertension – A Silent Killer

High blood pressure is a concern not only for aging people but also for the young. Here are certain dos and don'ts you can follow to stay healthy

Have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal because it is the first meal after a long period of no intake of food. Make the most of it through these practical suggestions on breakfast


Deep-green, or dark, leafy vegetables have more nutritional power than dietary or synthetic supplements
Manoj Khatri — Editor of Complete Wellbeing
Manoj Khatri, Editor

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