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Trying hard to meditate? It’s hopeless!

Meditation doesn’t have to be a tug of war between the chatter of your mind and peace. Allow the noise to give way to the silence

Giving to everyone, without reservation

How often do we hold back from giving, especially to those we hate? Osho says that when we share our joys even with those we dislike, they multiply

The shift that saved my life — Martin Brofman

Martin Brofman shares his story of recovery from cancer and a happy side-effect of the journey

Silence strengthens, cleanses, heals

When we sit in silence and look within, only then do we find God. He is within us and His voice is drowned out by the external noise, says J P Vaswani

Problems: stepping stones to a better life

Problems are inevitable; why not make the most of them, asks J P Vaswani

The cosmic ocean

You are not, the universal is—and it is waving through you.

Open your heart

J P Vaswani tells us that we can forgive someone truly only when we can wish them goodwill and invite them into our life

Appreciation: developing a sense of wow!

Each day offers us numerous opportunities that deserve our appreciation, if only we look for them

An epiphany in the garden

A conversation with an inner voice led to an epiphany in the garden

An unending love story

A man of god owns nothing, yet all the wealth of all the world belongs to him.