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The key ingredient that will make your marriage last

Friendship is a key factor in a happy and long-lasting marriage. But what exactly is meant by friendship in marriage? A marriage counsellor and coach answers

Five rules of giving feedback to your partner without turning them off

Feedback, given wrongly, can ruin your marriage. But, if given in the right manner, it can improve the quality of your relationship and help you grow as partners

Why do relationships fall apart?

The real reason why so many relationships fail is that four minds don’t think alike

The joy of spiritual intimacy

A spiritually-oriented partnership offers an opportunity to open our heart, deepen our compassion, and expand our connection with life through the vehicle of intimacy, says John Amodeo

What would the Buddha say about infidelity?

Whether you’re a victim of infidelity or its perpetrator, dealing with the emotional upheaval that arises due to an extra-marital affair can be devastating. In such turbulent times, Buddha’s wisdom can come to your rescue
two sparrows | concept of differences in marriage

Celebrate the differences in your marriage, says Osho

Osho shatters the many illusions we have about love and marriage

Long distance relationship: Far apart yet close together

Like it or not, we live in a global village. Rarely do children grow up and spend their ripe old age within a 100km of their birth place. With nuclear and satellite families, there is no reliable support-network to fall back on when one has to travel far and wide to eke out a living

12 surprisingly simple ideas for a blissful marriage

Simple ideas for long-lasting marriages. Plus, a checklist for couples to help them keep their relationship intact

Husband Withdrawal: Do you hear me?!

If this is one of the frequent rants you find yourself yelling at your partner, chances are that it might not be exactly their fault. Here are some methods you can employ to make them more receptive to you
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4 big myths about divorce that will surprise you

No matter what the reason for a divorce or a break-up, you are never really prepared for how life will be after it's over. We bust some common myths