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woman with great hair

Hair-care Myths: Not a strand of truth

Misconceptions make hair care a knotty affair. Here, we bust the 12 most common ones
Hair removal through laser

Laser Hair Reduction: A hair razing act

Know what to expect if you decide to go for laser hair reduction

Oral Care: Mouth Maintenance

To keep it clean and germ-free, your mouth needs more than just brushing. Here are the other things you need to do...
Man holding his shaving cream

Men’s skin care: More than just shaving

Skin care for men is no longer restricted to bathing and shaving

Filling the gaps

Confused about whether to choose dentures or dental implants? Read on…

Shower and shine

Are you cleaning yourself the right way?

Watch your mouth!

Poor oral hygiene can cause, or even worsen, a host of health problems including heart and lung disease

When size is a bother

Unhappy about your breast size? Don't worry, cosmetic surgery offers effective solutions

Hair raising questions

A lot of men are opting for hair transplantation. Should you too?

Hair care: Oil, shampoo, condition and more

For long, strong and lustrous hair, take special care of your scalp