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Is it possible to get rid of dark circles that are hereditary?

Q: Is it possible to get rid of dark circles that are hereditary? If yes, how? I have permanent boils on my face and my lips, which don’t seem to go with any treatment or home remedy. Please help.

— Praveena Bhoite

A: Lack of sleep, hormonal changes, photo-ageing [damage to the skin due to prolonged exposure to UV rays], hereditary factors, poor diet, dehydration and iron deficiency are few causes of dark circles. Some bone structures too cause shadows beneath the eyes. Long hours of watching TV or staring at the computer are lifestyle factors that stress the eyes and lead to dark circles. Using creams containing vitamin C or alpha-hydroxy acid or kojic acid may help to a certain extent to reduce the dark tone.

Procedures like glycolic peel and micro current also help in lightening and diminishing dark circles. However, it is seen that hereditary dark circles in your case are quite rigid and resistant to treatment.

As far as permanent boils on your face and lips are concerned, it’s better to consult a qualified dermatologist.

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