Zero wastage water purifier, personal safety app, colourful earphones and more…

Wellbeing products launched in April 2013

blankElectrolux launches built-in microwave oven with grill

Electrolux’s new built-in microwave oven with grill is the answer to every ardent chef. Typically, microwave ovens are utilised just for defrosting and reheating. But this stylish and cleverly designed microwave oven EMS26415X can bake and grill too. Entire meals can be whipped up for the family at a touch of a button. Foods with high water content like fish, cook extremely well in this oven. It comes with a LED screen that displays the timer, temperature and various other cooking options in a simple layout. Plus it comes pre-installed with numerous auto-cook programmes to help you prepare the perfect dish every time. With this microwave oven, you can cook meals with far less time and effort.

Price: INR 51,000

blankColourful headphones from UrbanEars

Get high quality sound combined with a beautiful design by UrbanEars’ range of headphones and in-earphones. These swanky music companions have additional features that make them above and beyond any static headphone. They are constructed for maximum mobility without compromising performance plus have a sleek and minimalist look. They are designed to provide the full sound experience in a lightweight and portable headphone. Available in models—Plattan, Tanto, Bagis and Medis and in attractive colours like grape, mustard, tomato, mocca, white, black and denim editions.

Price: INR 3250 – 5750

blankStudio Creo launches in India

Boffi, known for its kitchen, bath and storage systems, has launched its first store in India with Studio Creo. The store will showcase the latest interior design concepts of furniture, lighting, flooring and home accessories from some of the most iconic Italian brands. Spread over 10,000 square ft. and located in trendy Mehrauli, the store has sections devoted to living rooms, bed rooms, bathrooms, deck and outer spaces, representing some of the best global brands in the home interiors realm.

Price: INR 2500

blankTupperware introduces storage solutions for summer

Every homemaker is always on the lookout for organising her kitchen in the most convenient way while saving time and space. Keeping this in mind, Tupperware, known for its pertinence of keeping food safe and hygienic, has launched its dry storage range which includes Modular mates and Self-saver collection. They are designed to store condiments, snacks, pulses, cereals and grains safe, hygienic and moisture-free for long and thus caring for valuable food. Its unique stackable design can help in utilising the cupboard space in the kitchen to the maximum. Also, the clear window constructed on the sides can aid in locating the foods quickly. Increase the longevity of the foods while de-cluttering your kitchen cupboards this summer.

Price: Modular Mates range INR 135 – 665 Shelf Saver range INR 575 [Set of 2]

blankKent launches 0% water wastage purifier

Non-contaminated water tops the list of every health conscious person, and it’s even better when you can get safe water without too much wastage. Kent RO Systems Ltd, has now developed zero water wastage RO technology. Typically, RO products take 40 litres of raw water to produce 10 litres of RO water i.e. removal of harmful chemicals and impurities. This means 75 per cent water is wasted in the process. On the other hand, the Kent designed Supreme is capable of recovering 100 per cent water in use. This innovative product features a computer controlled process where in the membrane is washed automatically and thereby more than 50 per cent of purified water is recovered. The balance rejected water is stored in a separate ‘Reject Water Tank’ which can then be utilised by consumers for washing utensils or moping floors. With acute shortage and depleting groundwater levels, this purifier is a stepping stone in the direction of water conservation and safe drinking water together.

Price: INR 19,600

blankLuxury Living unveils European collection of furniture

We all have a vision for our living spaces that include minimalistic yet ultra-refined luxury furniture. Luxury Living by Royal Koas introduces such master pieces at its new boutique store. Each of their masterpieces bring with it sophistication and comfort. These master pieces are from the world’s leading European brands like A&X, Camel, Rugiano and Pablo, Lema [Italy], Molisen. Their range of products includes collections for the living room, dining room, bedroom, consoles, accessories, carpets, and office furniture.

Price: on request

VLCC’s new Lumière facial

VLCC has introduced an instant glow and lightening facial which is designed to suit all skin types and age groups. Called the Lumière facial, it can help in restricting melanin action and works wonders on dark spots that are caused by pigmentation due to excessive sun exposure, drug treatment, pregnancy or ageing. It also works well on yellowish and rough complexion. Coenzyme Q10—known for its antioxidant and cell regeneration properties—is loaded in Lumière’s unique formula. It is also enriched with the goodness of natural extracts of apricots, aloe vera, bearberry and vitamin C to improve dull and damaged skin. This facial is available at all VLCC centres.

Price: INR 2500

Personal safety app for women

The Delhi-based OneWorld Foundation India [OWFI] has launched a personal safety app called Help-I for women in distress. This is a free Android mobile app designed by them and is available on Google Play. In case of an emergency the user can employ this app to alert family and friends and also, post a message on social networking sites. On pressing its SOS button; a pre-configured distress message [SMS] gets delivered to all the contacts that have been included in the emergency contact list. Once the emergency contact list is alerted—this app will convey her exact location to her friends every few minutes. With the push of this button, the user can also post the message on her Twitter account. This app is a necessity because of its effectiveness and usefulness in today’s world where crimes against women are increasing.

Price: Free of cost


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