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New wellbeing products launched in July 2013

New variants of ready to eat by MonaVie

monavie-350x180Scientifically designed, hygienically presented, economically priced and almost ready to eat foods like MonaVie ONE range could be well accepted among the health conscious yet busy youth and wellness aspirants in urban and rural India.
Ragi [Finger Millet] is considered one of the most nutritious cereals for being a rich source of protein, fibre, calcium, iron and other minerals.  Being a rich source of natural iron, ragi may help combat anaemic health issues.
Broken wheat meal combines seeds, cereals, pulses and legumes. It has been shown to help in weight management, decrease the risk of Metabolic Syndrome and help lower the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Basmati Khitchree is a unique combination of cereal, legumes and spices. It combines Basmati rice and Moong dal, Toor dal and Bengal gram to make a complete source of protein.
Price: Ragi Meal INR 300; Broken Wheat meal INR 320; Basmati Khitchree meal INR 350

moroccanoil-225x149MOROCCANOIL® Hydrating shampoo and conditioner

The Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner from the Moronccanoil are specially designed to help prevent dryness, preserve hair’s elasticity, and keep hair strands looking healthy, smooth and shiny. They are infused with the antioxidant argan oil and replenishing nutrients. Both products contain ample amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Red Algae, which help fight free radicals, lock in moisture and help in making the hair more manageable and easier to style.
Price: Available on request

tuppersure-175x242Tupperware launches water purifier

Tupperware has recently launched its first water filter- TupperSure. Its filtration system eliminates 99.99% viruses and 99.9999% bacteria to provide safe and hygienic drinking water. TupperSure Water Filter comes with a lifetime guarantee on Tupperware Plastic parts and service assurance.  It incorporates a three layer water filtration process which removes visible contaminants, chlorine, bacteria and viruses, making it safe for consumption, even in the absence of running water. It has a total capacity of 18 litres and a dispenser capacity of 8 litres
Price:  INR 3200

shikon-160x237Easy Breather: to combat seasonal allergies and breathing problems

As monsoon commences, you find yourself suffering more from nasal congestion, shortness of breath and headaches. This is because of the humidity in the air. This product helps to dehumidify the air. It also kills germs, prevents growth of allergens and removes bad odour. It produces negative ions popularly known as air vitamins and thereby relieves allergies and respiratory illness.
The machine is light weight, has a user friendly panel and consumes just 90W of power. in**@my********.com or call on 09433046999
Price: INR 7890

sleepwell-225x169Sleepwell launches luxury mattress Duet Luxury

Sleepwell is recognised as a specialist that provides state-of-the-art sleep solutions that promote good health and serenity in our daily lives. It’s innovative range of products underline focus on not just sleep but on quality sleep. Their latest launch is Duet Luxury, a Premium Dual Hardness Mattress with a touch of Luxury.
This mattress offers a soft side and a firm side in the same mattress for all season comfort. The soft side uses Latex Plus and Visco Elastic Material for unparalleled comfort. Whereas the firm side uses Super Bond Material for Optimal Spinal Alignment.
Price: Available on request

shampoo-175x222Bottega Di Lungavita launches shampoo for hairloss

This shampoo containing china root, arnica, watercress and ginseng has a toning and stimulating action on the scalp. It also contains a mixture of adenosine, an energy-inducing ingredient, and theophylline, which has been shown to stimulate hair growth and reduce male and female pattern baldness.
The shampoo also contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that acts on the hair follicles. Due to its capillary toning properties, this shampoo is effective in all forms of hair fall.
Price: INR 990



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