Vitamin enriched water, massage chair, a DIY cancer detection kit and more…

Wellbeing products launched in February 2013

blankVitamin enriched water for health freaks

Wild Water, a first-of-its-kind vitamin enriched water has been introduced by Beltek Canadian Water Ltd. It has been formulated with the least possible amount of pure cane sugar and offers to be a healthy alternative to sweetened juices, colas and fizzy drinks. This all-season, lifestyle beverage has natural flavours, natural colours, no preservatives, low sugar and the goodness of vitamins. It focusses on tasty hydration and meets the needs of every calorie-conscious consumer. The drinks are available in three flavours which include Energise [citrus], Reload [lemon] and Immunity [dragon fruit].

Price: INR 70

blankElectrolux launches electric hob with 2 hot-plates

Electrolux has been known for its household appliances that are thoughtfully designed for every consumer. It has recently introduced the Domino Hob with two hot-plates. Electric, ceramic, gas, induction—mixed up to match your cooking style. The easy to clean practicality of this ceramic cooktop blends in perfectly with every kitchen. This electric cooktop gives the same sleek, stylish finish as the induction cooktop. It combines the traditional convenience of an electric cooktop with the unified look of the collection. Its simple touch controls make it easy to control the heat, allowing you to concentrate on preparing the perfect meal. The stop and go function gives you the ability to leave the cooktop on a ‘keep warm’ setting if you are called away.

Price: INR 21,000

blankOSIM introduces the uDivine massage chair

OSIM India launches the world’s first Human-3D massage chair, uDivine. This chair claims to have the most innovative massage technology that provides an intelligent and precise massage, based on the human body contours. Combined with a strategically positioned system of airbags, kneading discs and automatic body detection, uDivine delivers the pleasures of the most humanised and effective full-body massage.

Designed by the Japanese Master, Sato Tsuyoshi, uDivine offers a suite of the most invigorating manual massage techniques that cater to the entire body. It is also equipped with intelligent shoulder detection sensors, an MP3 player and a sleek central controller with a large, easy-to-read and colour-rich LCD display.

Escape everyday stress and be welcomed to a new world of relaxation.

Available in five contemporary lifestyle colours: Marble Grey, Pearl White, Ruby Red, Jade Green and Heavenly Blue.

Price: INR 3,50,000

blankIntraceuticals Clarity products now in India

Hailing from Australia, the Intraceuticals Clarity products claim to be the ultimate weapon against problem prone skin. They banish impurities, leaving an environment of calm clear skin. Their home care range includes: Clarity gel cleanser: is a lightweight gel cleanser cleans the skin and removes excess oil and impurities. Clarity Treatment Gel: is an oil free hydrating gel that helps reduce uneven skin build-up, excessive oiliness and enlarged pores in adult acne prone skin. Clarity Blemish Wand: is an applicator that contains a concentrated formula to target specific blemishes. A blend of actives, this helps to reduce the visible effects of ageing without excessive dryness or flaking. The tip is designed to be replaced daily to avoid contamination.

Price: INR 2500 onwards

blankAquasafe bottles by Tupperware

Tupperware, synonymous with premium food storage products has introduced its new range of Aquasafe bottles. Made from non-toxic and non-carcinogenic materials, these water containers are derived from 100 per cent virgin plastic and use materials which exceed the standards set by US Food Drug Administration [FDA] and Japan Polyolefin Hygienic Association standards, making them one of the safest containers to store water. The bottles are ergonomically designed and are available in vibrant and elegant colours soothing to the eyes.

Price: A set of four stackable bottles INR 760

A set of four Flip Top bottles INR 795

blankDettol introduces body washes

Dettol, a brand that has stood for ‘Trusted Protection,’ now forays into the body wash segment with the launch of their range for men and women. It combines protection from germs with a unique liquid formulation that provides 100 per cent more freshness than soap. It locks in the fragrance keeping you fresh all day. Available in Original, Cool, and Skin Care range.

Price: INR 59 for 125 ml pack, INR 105 for 250 ml pack

blankQuaker launches Nutri Poha and Upma

Quaker, India’s No.1 oats brand from the house of PepsiCo has introduced a new range of ready-to-cook traditional breakfasts packed with wholegrain, fibre, protein and healthy oil. These delicious offerings are: Quaker Nutri Poha and Quaker Nutri Upma each available in two flavours inspired by authentic foods from different regions of India. This new breakfast range maintains the traditional essence of breakfast and will be a delight for consumers who are looking for convenience without compromising on nutritional values and authentic taste. It is an exceptionally convenient breakfast solution that can be cooked in three simple steps and three quick minutes.

Price: INR 26 for 150gms.

First DIY cancer detection kit

In what is touted as the next revolutionising medical product, Parth Overseas announced the launch of India’s first ever Cancer detection kit, ‘CanKit’ in the Indian market. Cancer is still a dreaded word with many and very few people are willing to schedule regular screening tests for this disease. Having to visit a hospital can make it even more intimidating for some.

Keeping these apprehensions in mind, this one of a kind product has been designed. It is capable of detecting cancer through a simple urine test. It conforms to the norms and recommendations of World Health Organisation [WHO] for cancer detection. The trials are currently ongoing across various parts of India and it has produced efficacy to its users. It simply indicates whether or not a person is suffering from cancer, is it in preliminary stages or is at cancer risk in the near future. The process is very simple and user friendly, the instructions are provided step-by-step along with the kit to make it simple for its users. Available at leading medical stores.

Price: INR 3,500


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