Therapeutic massager, Yoga accessories, low-cal snacks and more…

Wellbeing products launched in March 2013

blankNourish Organics’ new low-cal snacks

With ready-to-eat foods topping our grocery lists, we tend to make unhealthy choices more often than not. Now, Nourish Organics has launched new products for healthy binging. Their seeds and nuts muesli and brown rice cookies are said to be packed with essential nutrients like protein, calcium, iron and vitamin C. These products are organic, meaning free from harmful pesticides and chemicals grown on verdant farms of the Himalayas. Also, to preserve its natural nutritious properties, the foods are hand-packed. The seeds and nuts muesli is a ready-to-go snack, enriched with sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds, cashews and wholegrain flakes. The delectable brown rice munchies are loaded with high fibre of brown rice and nuts.

Price: Seeds and nuts muesli INR 400 for 350g pack, Brown rice cookies INR 130 for 150g pack

blankParamount Surgimed launches adult diapers

Paramount Surgimed Ltd has introduced its premium range of adult diapers that are user-friendly, affordable and highly beneficial to men and women with bladder problems, commonly known as urinary incontinence. Most people may think the usage of adult diapers is just restricted to senior citizens however, that is not the case. Women may need adult diapers during pregnancy or even post surgery for uterus removal. Men may need adult diapers after a surgery such as prostrate removal. These diapers are also beneficial for a person with Alzheimer’s or for a person confined to a wheelchair. These adult diapers come in two variants: Aro Kleen and Diapo.

They are designed to give the user long-lasting comfort and maintain a high standard of hygiene. These diapers are available in three sizes— M, L and XL.

Price: From INR 390 onwards


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