Sweet chilli pistachios, bacteria-free carpets and more…

Wellbeing product launched in March 2012

Sweet chilli variant by Wonderful Pistachios

Sweet chilli variant by Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful Pistachios has launched a sweet chilli flavour of pistachios offering a mix of sweetness, crunch and tangy chilli peppers. Grown in California, these pistachios are sun-ripened and dry-roasted. They are seasoned with all-natural ingredients and are offered in convenient packs of 15g [trial pack], 80g and 200g. Wonderful Pistachios are also available in roasted salted, roasted no salt and salt and pepper varieties.
Price: INR15 for 15g, INR90 for 80g and INR200 for 200g

Frozen yoghurt by Red Mango

Frozen yoghurt by Red MangoRed Mango has recently introduced its frozen yoghurt and smoothie range in India. The product range of Red Mango uses 100 per cent natural, non-fat, low-fat, and gluten-free ingredients fortified with probiotics. The yoghurt is topped with fresh fruits like strawberries, mango, blueberries and pineapple or “fun and crunchy” items like fruity pebbles, organic granola, graham cracker and mochi. It comes in flavours like Original, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla and a rotating variety of seasonal or specialty flavours.
Price: INR89 per 100g

Watches by Calvin Klein

Watches by Calvin KleinInspired by the contrast of day and light, the new range of watches by Calvin Klein features a sleek dial with two different symmetric finishings. It is available for both men and women and comes in a white or black stamped alligator strap with no stitching for smooth and clean design. The watch is available with a polished stainless steel or PVD gold case. The stainless steel style is offered with a cool grey or silver dial and the PVD gold case with a silver dial. Each watch is finished with a discrete Calvin Klein logo at 12’o clock and a dynamic movement with small seconds at 6’o clock.
Price: INR17,900

Cremica launches new range of syrups

cremica syrup
Mrs Bector’s Food Specialties has introduced a new range of syrups in strawberry, chocolate and caramel flavours. These syrups can be used to make cakes, cookies, milkshakes, puddings, dessert toppings, and pastries.
Price: Strawberry: INR180, Chocolate: INR172, Caramel: INR185 for 700g

Beyouty launches the ‘Working Woman Bra’

Beyouty launches the ‘Working Woman Bra’The latest bra by Beyouty is made to give adequate support and confidence while giving the strength of a cotton stretch fabric. It features a stitch in between the layer and generous cups with two-way stretch power-mesh that encapsulates the breasts for support and limits movement. The two-way stretch power-mesh on the back of the bra gives extra-firm support. The cushioned straps are adjustable and the side panels are broad. The hook-and-loop closure is concealed.
Price: INR185

Gaia launches soya muesli

Gaia launches soya muesliThe Crunchy Soya Muesli introduced by Gaia is enriched with the goodness of soya, wheat flakes, oats, bran, almonds and honey. These ingredients are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential amino acids. Apart from having it as a snack, the muesli can also be added to sweet treats like pies, cookies and muffins.
Price: INR165

Bacteria-free carpets by Obsessions Xclusif

Bacteria-free carpets by Obsessions XclusifAsos is the latest collection of carpets by Obsessions Xclusif. The carpets sport fine lines and come with designs such as leopard patterns, abstract designs and geometric motifs. They come in brown, cream and golden colours with a copper and silver texture. The special cut and loop carpets are made from silver, wool touch acrylic and floss fibre. These carpets are designed in such a way that they match any wooden furniture used at homes.
Price: Between INR10,500 – 35,000


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