Organic teas, tatha bun soaps, restoration gel and more…

Wellbeing products launched in December 2012

blankWagh Bakri now offers a range of organic teas

Wagh Bakri, a premium tea group in existence since 1892 catering to tea connoisseurs across the world, now goes the healthy way. The latest addition to their product basket is 100 per cent organic teas. This organic method of cultivation helps in retention of the flavour and imparts a delicate taste and rich aroma on brewing. Like all their previous offerings this one too promises great health and freshness with every sip. The Wagh Bakri Organic Darjeeling Tea owes its unique taste to the high altitude and cool misty conditions in Darjeeling where it is grown. Wagh Bakri adds to this taste by creating its own exquisite blend. It is perfectly packaged to preserve its rich aroma and subtle taste. The Wagh Bakri Organic Darjeeling Green Tea is prepared using minimal processing. This ensures that the antioxidants, minerals, aroma and flavour are retained. The third addition to the kitty is the Wagh Bakri Organic CTC Tea. This Assam tea is highly regarded for its invigorating taste and distinctive fresh malt flavour and packs in health benefits.

Priced: Organic Darjeeling Tea INR 190, Organic Darjeeling Green Tea INR 210, Organic CTC Tea INR 120

blankChristmas gift from the Vedic Collection

The Vedic Collection launches Tatha Bun soaps, that are colourful soaps that look like buns almost good enough to eat. They are handmade with mouth watering fragrances and layered with colours that make them even more enticing. The Tatha loofah soaps are filled with essential oils and come in attractive designs.

The Tatha lip balm comes in a novelty plastic holder in adorable designs of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Snowman and Candy wrapper packaging.

Available at

Price: Bun soap INR 350, Loofah soap INR 400, Lip balm INR 200-250

Restoration gel for women by 18 Again

To address a host of health concerns that women face, 18 Again has launched a restoration gel. It is India’s first revolutionary naturally formulated vaginal gel with ingredients like almonds, vitamin E, aloe vera, gold and so on. 18 Again provides immediate alleviation from symptoms of vaginal dryness and itching. It maintains healthy vaginal pH and reduces the risk of infections. It also works as an antiseptic to heal internal wounds and improve muscle tone. It is a product conceptualised keeping in mind the health-care needs of every modern woman who believes in beauty and health from the inside-out. The product is available at most leading chemists as well as online.

Price: INR 2430

blankAfter Rite Bite, Naturell now launches Max Protein

Naturell India, true to its mission of delivering quality, natural and healthy products to consumers, has recently introduced protein packed and energy enriched, Max Protein bars. These bars are formulated with the help of nutritional experts to give you an edge to outperform yourself. They claim to serve the right combination of nutrients and taste. Max Protein Bars are available in three flavours, Choco Slim, Choco Fudge and Honey Lemon. They could make a perfect on the go snack, mini meal, post workout energy bar, as well as an option to help lose weight post the Diwali festivities. Available at all retail stores.

Price: INR 90 per bar

blankGAIA launches celebration gift packs

Festivals or any special occasions are all about celebrating and rejoicing with our loved ones. These are the perfect excuses to gift our loved ones to make them feel more special. This New Year, GAIA, meaning the ‘Goddess of Earth,’ lives up to its name and brings you attractive packs that are the perfect gifting option. GAIA celebration packs promote good health and longevity. Available at all leading retail outlets and pharmacies across India, in two variants.

Price: Assortment pack INR 550, Granola bar gift pack INR 360

blankPrithvi Home Décor’s exclusive candle stands

Rekindle elegance with Prithvi Home Décor’s embellished kundan candle stands. These gorgeous candle stands are available in every shape and size to create instant drama in a living or dining room. These would make extraordinary gifts for any happy occasion like Christmas or house warming or can be used as the perfect accessory for any room. Also, they can be switched to fit different styles and themes to set your mood. These can also be ordered online at

Price: Ranging from INR 700 – 2000

blankTommy Hilfiger launches Snow Chic

A limited edition holiday collection for Fall/Winter 2012, titled Snow Chic is being launched this month by Tommy Hilfigher. With a blend of classic winter staples, outerwear and eveningwear the collection includes an array of timeless apparel and gift items for men, women and children.

The menswear collection features sweaters in vivid hues, coats and vests, and tailored patterned pants, along with leather gloves and belts. The womens wear collection features bright, wintry sweaters, vests and jackets, fitted ski pants, and a selection of classic evening styles. Each item will come with unique holiday packaging designed specifically for the collection.

Price: Starts at INR 4000

blankThe Nature’s Co. introduces marine range for men

The Nature’s Co. has launched an exclusive range of products for men. The Marine Mud face wash removes all impurities and dirt from the skin without cancelling the job of tightening the open pores, giving you a clean, fresh and toned skin. Marine ions balance the minerals of the skin leaving it fair and radiant. The Spirulina moisturising cream with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties calms the skin and protects it from irritating agents. It will instantly boost skin’s moisture reservoir to keep it hydrated and rejuvenated all day. The Water Mint-Sugar soap contains mint crystals and peppermint oil to soften, hydrate and naturally deodorise and cool sun-exposed areas.

Price: Marine mud face wash: INR 495 for 125ml, Spirulina moisturising cream: INR 575 for 125ml, Water Mint-Sugar soap: INR 225 for 100g bar


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